Look folks, we kept it under two hours, and with a whopping two minutes and thirty-nine seconds to spare.  Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk at joins us to talk about that certain kind of fan.  You know, the one who thinks the whole world is out to get his team.  It's a fun discussion, that later gets a bit philosophical as me move on to victimization complexes and some uniquely American traits in the modern fan.  Also, you get Pixies talk, Iceland talk, more Stephen Strasburg and a discussion about why you shouldn't get too worked up over the Futures Game rosters.  We hope you enjoy.

Note: We do alert you to the presence of the occasional adult language. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Up And In Episode 6: "Bogeymen and Fairies"

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Table Of Contents

0:00 Intro: Agenda review

2:25: Emails: We should do a six-hour show; proper pronunciation; chain mail and glow sticks

7:02: Housekeeping: please email us; World Cup update; something we should of edited out (but didn't)

10:40: Your Weekly Strasburg update: Is he the best pitcher in baseball? How good can he be?

17:57: Here Comes The Rumor Mill: Believe everything, believe nothing; Let's talk about Cliff Lee anyway

25:50: An impromptu debate over Rangers LHP Martin Perez; Jason shows avoidance behavior

29:41: Futures Game Rosters: You were not snubbed; defending the process; Single White Female behavior

45:57: Back to the Agenda: Jason's note taking; finding a rumor mill guest

48:30: Special guest Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk at on Fans, Fandom and Paranoia

  • Craig's run in with Philly fans
  • Having something against all 30 teams, even the Blue Jays
  • Enjoying the misery
  • A quick tangent on the insanity of Ohio State Football and Columbus, Ohio
  • Defining the lunatic fringe for certain towns, and quantifying the suffering
  • Thinking the White Sox title would change Chicago baseball fans (wrong)
  • East coast bias!
  • Is the real problem that baseball isn't football?
  • Is victimization a distinctly American construct?
  • The Cleveland Indians players love Deal or No Deal
  • Let's finish up by talking about Iceland!

83:39: Not Jim Tracy on Stephen Strasburg

86:01: Beverage Talk: Really? Vitamin Water?; Avoiding radon and the wall of H20; beer snobs and bourbon

93:05: Pop Culture Moment – The Pixies: Defending Weezer; sharing Frank Black stories

107:42: What Jason is working on, will he ever finish, and figuring out Wilmer Font

111:47: Working on a list of the best prospects still in the minors

113:53: Goodbye, we have no idea what we're talking about next week

Music is The Pixies from the album Complete B Sides copyright 2001- 4AD Records.