The Baseball Analysts' Dave Allen has created a network chart of baseball websites.
It's based on outgoing and incoming links, so sites that are heavy on the links have more overall connections. You can find more info here.

Maury Brown has some choice words for Bob DuPuy on's blackout restrictions.
I wonder if this isn't a case where transaction costs in the short term don't overwhelm the long term benefits.

An excellent addition to the Rogue's Baseball Index: "Bill James Disease."
"Those afflicted must compulsively second guess every assertion made by mainstream media members who are speaking for the most part off the top of their heads."

John Jaso Jingleheimer Schmidt, his position is my position too
Steve Slowinski argues that John Jaso is a much better option that Dioner Navarro based on the strength of his hitting.

WHYGAVS, like all good hitchhikers, always carries a towel.
I don't know why any Pirates fan would panic at this point (as opposed to any other point). One of my favorite thought experiments is how I would go about improving the Pirates. It's surprisingly hard.

A biography of Virgil Trucks.
Would you believe he is the only player to have more postseason than regular season wins in the same year?