Since we released the new PECOTA cards, I've gotten several requests for a link back to the DT cards like the one we used to have.  Instead of doing that, we're going to throw the DT cards away entirely, because (as we've both known ourselves and been reminded of by people for a while now) it's silly to have two sets of cards.

Click here to see the index of the new "unified" player card, with career, translated, and PECOTA data all in one place.  You can navigate these cards through the index page and find individual players by typing in the "Search" field at the top right of the index.  This will filter based on what you type, so type "Gwynn" to see the Gwynn family hitters.  Once you are looking at a card, you can also click the year or team columns to get to that team's page and see other players on that year's squad–here are the extremely entertaining 1991 Detroit Tigers, for example.  You can also use the standard Player Search box at the top of any page frame at Baseball Prospectus to find a player.

These cards feature the following:

  • All columns are sortable.  Click a header to sort by that column.
  • If a player has PECOTA data available, it'll be in the card.  If a player has Standard and Davenport Translation data available, it'll be in the card.  If he has both, it'll all be displayed in one card.  As usual, PECOTA projections are only available for Baseball Prospectus Premium and Fantasy subscribers (except for New York Yankees, who can all be seen for free this year).
  • Mouse over a row to highlight it.
  • For our subscribers, player comments from past Baseball Prospectus annuals are now available for all players–not just players with PECOTA projections!  Want to see what we thought of long-since-retired players like Rickey HendersonHave a look at his card.
  • We've expanded the references to BP articles, chats, and roundtables at the bottom of the cards.  They page (if necessary; look at the bottom of the table to see how many entries are available) and sort by column.

We are aware of the following issues with these cards:

  • players before 1900 have career lines but not seasonal lines represented in their cards.  For an example, see Roger Connor's card.
  • we don't have all the totals data right for pitcher Standard lines.  You'll see zeroes and question marks.
  • total bases isn't yet available for older players.
  • general slowness, not just of these cards, but of the entire site.  I can't wait for fantasy drafts to be over!

We've got a lot more data that we're working on integrating into these cards, so chances are if you want to see something we've already got it in the roadmap, but please let us know your thoughts on any aspect of these cards in the comments.