Aaron Gleeman notes that the Twins have hired a dedicated database expert.
Gleeman's takeaway is surprise that an assistant GM could be unaware what BABIP was. And yet, the Twins are a pretty good baseball team. 

Perhaps we should clamor for better sixth inning relievers.
I'll put aside my bias against 3D bar charts to note that bullpen leverage and chaining is probably one of the hardest theoretical problems I can think of.

Time lost to DL, pie charts by position.
Jeff finds that pitchers take up almost exactly 50% of the time spent on the disabled list. 

Brian Anderson will take up pitching.
I know, I know, but I just can't resist: that worked out so well last time. However, Anderson did throw in the low 90s in college.

What can pitchF/X tell us about Phil Hughes?
But see Jeremy Greenhouse's data, which show Hughes' fastball "played up" more than average in the bullpen.