The PECOTA cards are finally here!

  • We've got 5948 cards this year, from all the usual major-league players on down to Yorman Rodriguez, who can't yet buy a drink.
  • The depth charts, player search, and newly published articles and blog posts will link to the new cards.  You won't be able to see everything on most of them unless you are a subscriber, but anyone can see the New York Yankees cards.  Here's Alex Rodriguez, and here's CC Sabathia.
  • We're still chasing a few little things on these: pitchers late in the alphabet don't have historical data, for example.  We don't expect much change to the core of the cards anytime soon.

Thanks again to our beta testers for looking them over, and to everyone for your patience.  I'm sorry they took as long as they did, but the upside of the big changes we had to make is that we're all cued up to do all sorts of neat things with these throughout the 2010 season, and I'm going to go out on a limb (which I probably shoudn't be doing at 1:30am) and guarantee that 2011 will be our earliest year ever.