I am pleased to announce that our good friends at the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) have graciously offered a special new membership discount to the readers of Baseball Prospectus.

Join me, Christina Kahrl, and many other BP writers as members of the world's largest baseball research organization with this 25% off special offer. SABR membership includes two issues of The Baseball Research Journal, one issue of The National Pastime, plus access to research committees and online tools.

Since 1971, the SABR community of baseball fans and researchers has helped change the baseball landscape. Be part of the team by joining SABR today.

To sign up for this special discounted SABR offer (new memberships only), surf to:

SABR Baseball Prospectus Offer

There is also a special discount for younger members:

SABR Baseball Prospectus (Under 30) Offer

And if you haven’t already done so, you can get your copy of The Emerald Guide to Baseball at the SABR website today.  The 2010 Guide is 580+ pages and loaded with baseball information (and it's free!). The updated version is now available for download either via the Members Only portion of the website or, for non-members, through the public portion of the site.

SABR–all the things you love about baseball!