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Thursday, July 28

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Wednesday, July 27th

by Christopher Crawford

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Jorge Alfaro, Anthony Alford, Francis Martes, and Jake Woodford.

The GM Trade Game!: Let's Trade For Julio Teheran

by Ben Carsley and BP Staff

Our ATL GM plays hardball with his best trade piece.

Prospectus Feature: The Superstar as Washed-Up Hack

by Aaron Gleeman

Alex Rodriguez was doing so well last year, and then last year ended. His career might be next.

Prospectus Feature: To Be Young (Is To Be Traded Unexpectedly)

by Trevor Strunk

Nobody takes the brunt of trade deadline season like the fungible minor-leaguer.

Eyewitness Accounts: July 28, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Notes on Anderson Espinoza, Anthony Alford, Ozhaino Albies, and more.

What You Need to Know: Sweep Takes

by Demetrius Bell

The Red Sox finally lose a whole series, the Angels lose under protest, and Giancarlo Stanton makes a pretty picture.

Premium Article Prospectus Feature: The Taxi Squad

by Jessica Quiroli

Uber, but more optioning and recalling players.

Wednesday, July 27

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 932: Fixing the Angels Without Trading Trout

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam banter about Matt Albers' heartbreaking blown save, then discuss how much talent the Angels could acquire in a franchise-saving firesale.

BP Milwaukee: Lucroy Was Framed

by Seth Victor

What happened to Jonathan Lucroy's vaunted defensive value and how does it change his potential trade market?

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Four Things I Believe

by J.P. Breen

J.P. offers his thoughts on four hot fantasy topics.

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Tuesday, July 26th

by Mark Anderson

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Ranger Suarez, Conner Greene, Ian Happ, and Scott Schebler.

Cold Takes: Stuck With Him

by Patrick Dubuque

Voting your conscience is awfully difficult as a baseball fan.

Outta Left Field: Stealing Home Has Never Been Easier...

by Dustin Palmateer

...and yet, nobody is taking advantage of this rare opportunity. What gives?

Two-Strike Approach: The 21-Start Check-in on David Price

by Cat Garcia

The Red Sox signed David Price to make, roughly, 210 starts for them. The first tenth have not gone smoothly, but the next nine-tenths remain an open question.

Pitching Backward: Valuing Relievers, in July and Otherwise

by Jeff Long

The real world doesn't care about partial wins.

What You Need to Know: That Summertime Sadness

by Nicolas Stellini

A poor reliever's poor heart broken; Lindor's a hero; Sabathia makes it easier AND harder to trade him; and Arenado does defense.

Transaction Analysis: Blue Jays Add Rejuvenated Upton

by Joshua Howsam, Adam McInturff and George Bissell

Toronto needs outfield depth in the short and long term, so the Blue Jays took Melvin Upton off the Padres' hands at a discount.

Tuesday, July 26

Premium Article Notes from the Field: July 26, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Notes on Cody Sedlock, Isaiah White, and... others.

BP Kansas City: Royal Mediocrity

by David Lesky

Expectations in Kansas City are much different these days and the Royals have failed to meet them all season.

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Monday, July 25th

by Christopher Crawford

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Peter Lambert, Anthony Garcia, Austin Gomber, and Travis Blankenhorn.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Trade Targets: Second-Half Buys

by BP Fantasy Staff

Staff picks for players you might want to acquire in your fantasy deadline deals.

Fantasy Article Closer Report: Week 17

by Matt Collins

Surveying the ninth-inning situations around the league.

Expert FAAB Review: Week 17

by Mike Gianella

A look at how the wise guys spent their money in expert leagues this week.

Transaction Analysis: Aroldis Chapman Takes The 105 To Wrigley

by Christopher Crawford, Mike Gianella, Rian Watt, Adam McInturff and Nicolas Stellini

Chicago acquiring Aroldis Chapman from New York is a complicated, blockbuster trade on and off the field.

Prospectus Feature: Miguel Sano Is a Strikeout Pioneer

by Aaron Gleeman

The Twins phenom hits homers at a spectacular pace but strikes out at a record pace. That's not by accident, and it's not necessarily by mistake.

Baseball Therapy: Growing Zobrists

by Russell A. Carleton

If you want a bunch of Zobrists, it helps to plant them early. Are teams doing it?

Cold Takes: On the Stadium

by Patrick Dubuque

As baseball's pineal gland.

What You Need to Know: Give 'em Hell

by Daniel Rathman

Jeremy Hellickson aces his audition, the White Sox get to the Cubs' bullpen, and Dave Dombrowski has made so many trades that they're starting to overlap in a kind of baseball version of the grandfather paradox.

Prospectus Feature: Confidence Men

by Jared Wyllys

One factor in bridging the gap between the minors and majors? Confidence. Not the 2003 Ed Burns film.

Monday, July 25

Premium Article The Call-Up: Braden Shipley

by Christopher Crawford and Scooter Hotz

Don't worry, Zack. I got this.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 931: Cubs Add Aroldis, Chris Sale Slices Laundry

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam banter about the Hall of Fame and Jon Lester, then discuss Chris Sale's jersey tantrum, Shelby Miller trade rumors, and the Cubs-Yankees Aroldis Chapman deal.

Fantasy Article The Buyer's Guide: Second-Half Additions

by J.P. Breen

J.P. recommends a handful of widely available players who could help your fantasy squad down the stretch.

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of July 22-24

by Christopher Crawford

Notes on prospects who stood out over the weekend, including Isan Diaz, Josh Staumont, Patrick Weigel, and Aristides Aquino.

Fantasy Article Deep League Report: Week 17

by Scooter Hotz

Examining players who might pique your interest in deeper formats.

The Call-Up: Alex Bregman

by Christopher Crawford and Bret Sayre

Monday is turning into a great day for prospect debuts, but this one is the most great.

Prospectus Feature: Advanced Stats for the Masses

by Henry Druschel

'If 20 years ago, baseball understanding was a puddle, it’s now a mineshaft, not a pool.'

The Call-Up: David Dahl

by Christopher Crawford and George Bissell

Better Call Dahl, or something like that.

Premium Article Monday Morning Ten Pack: July 25, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Notes on Anderson Espinoza, Justin Dunn, Jhailyn Ortiz and more.

What You Need to Know: Just For the Record

by Ashley Varela

Trevor Story adds three more home runs to his Pokédex, Jose Fernandez remains unbeatable in Miami, and Aaron Nola throws something resembling a strikeout.

Players Prefer Presentation: Year 1 Of The Scott Servais Experiment

by Meg Rowley

Scott Servais was hired with no managerial experience--but with a long front office resume, a close friendship with his GM, and a history of being chummy with analytics. How's it going?

The Prospectus Hit List: Monday, July 25

by Matt Sussman

Gadzooks, it's a Monday Hit List!

Sunday, July 24

BP South Side: Chris Sale Embarrasses Himself

by James Fegan

If there's one thing you'll remember 50 years from now about the 2016 season, it'll probably be this.

BP Milwaukee: Rebuilding By ELO Ranking

by Nicholas Zettel

Team strength, before and after rebuilds.

BP Boston: David Ortiz, Walk-off MVP?

by Matthew Kory

The odds that Big Papi takes the hardware in his farewell tour.

Saturday, July 23

Raising Aces: Warm It Up, Chris

by Doug Thorburn

Notable pitching performances this week from Chris Archer, Chris Tillman and Mike Leake.

Prospectus Feature: Nine Things We Would Change About Major-League Baseball

by Brendan Gawlowski

It's a great game that could be better.

BP Toronto: The Seven Logical Fallacies You Meet In Baseball

by Nick Dika

Digging into the wrong ways to think about the Blue Jays.

BP Wrigleyville: The Cubs Are On A Record Pace!

by Kazuto Yamazaki

No, the record isn't 'most wins.' Still, a record pace!

BP South Side: The White Sox Are Done

by James Fegan

Better now than on August 1st, though.

Friday, July 22

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 930: Dave Cameron's Semi-Responsible Trade Speculation

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam talk to FanGraphs managing editor Dave Cameron about his probably-not-entirely-inaccurate predictions for the upcoming non-waiver trade deadline.

BP Unfiltered: DRA and Groundball Bias

by Jonathan Judge

More inner-workings of DRA 2016.

BP Bronx: Yankees and A-Rod Headed for Divorce?

by Ben Diamond

How bad can things get for Alex Rodriguez before the Yankees say enough is enough?

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Thursday, July 22nd

by Wilson Karaman

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Chih-Wei Hu, Jordan Patterson, Jeff Brigham, and Hoy Jun Park.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Starting Pitcher Planner: Week 16

by Greg Wellemeyer

Helping you set your fantasy rotation for next week with a look at the two-start pitchers.

Fantasy Article Free Agent Watch: Week 17

by George Bissell and J.J. Jansons

If these players are available in your league, they might be worth adding to your squad.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Yasiel Puig's Missing Pop

by Wilson Karaman

Pitchers have zoned in on the weaknesses in the Dodgers outfielder's swing, but can he adjust back?

BP Announcements: Baseball Prospectus Night at Miller Park - August 27, 2016

Baseball Prospectus

We're coming to Milwaukee on August 27th. Reserve your spot at the event today!

Prospectus Feature: DRA 2016: Challenging the Citadel of DIPS

by Jonathan Judge

With DRA, solving BABIP--and other reasons to be excited about what we're measuring.

The GM Trade Game!: Trading Jonathan Lucroy

by Sam Miller and BP Staff

Let's go, internet General Managers. Do your worst.

Premium Article The View From Behind The Backstop: This Is All Arbitrary, Isn't It?

by Jeffrey Paternostro

A small detour back in time in order to see the future.

What You Need to Know: Ambition Can Lead Only To Failure

by Nicolas Stellini

Stephen Strasburg's perfect season gets befouled. Meanwhile, a baseball traveled 484 feet and Francisco Liriano righted himself.

Weekly Wrap: July 22, 2016

by Will Haines

It was a bad week for prospect injuries. A really bad week for prospect injuries.

Prospectus Feature: Good Deal?

by Trevor Strunk

On Aristotle and the ethics of the trade deadline.

The Prospectus Hit List: Friday, July 22

by Matthew Kory

[Slow warbling from a bat-smashed record player, left to die in a scorched desert] ...gotta get down on Friday...

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