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Thursday, October 23

Daisy Cutter: Cain's Overlooked Arrival

by Sahadev Sharma

Lorenzo Cain has been getting plenty of love in October, but where was the praise all summer?

The Lineup Card: Nine Unlikely Postseason Heroes

Baseball Prospectus

Few expected these players to steal the show in October, but that didn't stop them from doing so.

Fantasy Freestyle: Playoff Spotlight: Brandon Belt

by Ben Carsley

The Giants first baseman hit for more power in 2014, but injuries held him back.

Minor League Update: Games of Wednesday, October 22nd

by Jeff Moore

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Max Kepler and Darnell Sweeney.

Playoff Prospectus: Royals Spit Hot Fire: World Series Game 2

by Zachary Levine

The Royals staff threw some major heat and every key moment went their way as they snagged Game Two and evened the World Series at a game apiece.

Wednesday, October 22

Playoff Prospectus: PECOTA Odds and Game Two Preview

by Zachary Levine

With a rested Giants pen and a Royals' starter who exited his last start with shoulder issues, Game Two of the World Series could come down to which group of relievers steps up.

BP Unfiltered: There Will Be A Game Two

by Russell A. Carleton

On the impossibility of the Royals getting up from a drubbing like that.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 561: What the Royals Look Like When They're Losing

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam discuss James Shields, Madison Bumgarner, and what World Series Game 1 reminded us about the Royals.

Minor League Update: Games of Tuesday, October 21st

by Jeff Moore

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Daniel Robertson and Deven Marrero.

Playoff Prospectus: The Other Royals: World Series Game 1

by Sam Miller

Madison Bumgarner keeps building his legend, while the Royals' game got thoroughly botched.

Moonshot: The Royals, the Strike Zone, and an October Surprise

by Robert Arthur

After months of moving downward, the October strike zone is suddenly rising.

Tuesday, October 21

Baseball Therapy: The Truth About Butterflies

by Russell A. Carleton

Embrace the nervousness!

Pebble Hunting: An Illustrated Guide to the People of Kauffman Stadium

by Sam Miller

Classifying the fans you'll see in the stands for the first two games of the World Series.

Playoff Prospectus: World Series Preview: Giants vs. Royals

by Sam Miller

The Royals have the speed, the Giants have the skipper, and both teams have momentum in an unlikely World Series matchup.

Minor League Update: Games of Monday, October 20th

by Jeff Moore

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including Francisco Lindor and Mark Appel.

Fantasy Freestyle: Playoff Spotlight: Alcides Escobar

by Wilson Karaman

The Royals shortstop won't be a sexy name on draft day, but there's a lot to like about his fantasy profile.

The View from the Loge Level: Managing to Win

by Daron Sutton

What a half-dozen big-league managers see as the most important skills for the job.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 560: Grant Brisbee Still Isn't Sick of the World Series

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam talk to McCovey Chronicles author Grant Brisbee about the World Series and the Giants' recent run.

The BP Wayback Machine: Fourteen Years of Brian Roberts

by BP Prospect Staff

Charting Brian Roberts' rise and fall with a trip through the BP archives.

Pitching Backward: How To Get A Hit Off Madison Bumgarner

by Jeff Long

Searching for the weakness in Bumgarner's gameplan.

Monday, October 20

Transaction Analysis: Silverman's Kohn Job

by R.J. Anderson

The Rangers hire a manager, and the Rays' new GM makes his first move.

Pebble Hunting: The Best Teams Should Make The World Series; A Defense of Bud Selig

by Sam Miller

The commissioner's lasting legacy isn't randomness and meaningless. It's a more fair world.

The Week in Quotes: October 13-19, 2014

by Nick Bacarella, Chris Mosch and Nick Wheatley-Schaller

Running through the notable quotes from the week that was.

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of October 17-18, 2014

by Jeff Moore

Notes on prospects who stood out over the weekend, including D.J. Peterson and Tyler Glasnow.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: My Personal Scorecard: Part 2 - National League

by Mike Gianella

In the second of a two-part series, Mike reviews how his senior-circuit bid value recommendations fared.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 559: Andy McCullough is Too Busy To Bask

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam talk to Kansas City Star Royals beat writer Andy McCullough about the World Series and covering the Royals.

Saturday, October 18

TINO (There Is No Offseason): Ep. 32: Preserving Your Dignity

by Ben Carsley, Bret Sayre, Craig Goldstein and Mauricio Rubio

There Is No Offseason is a podcast that focuses exclusively on dynasty and long-term keeper formats. We talk major leagues, minor leagues and we never miss an opportunity to take a jab at Craig.

Friday, October 17

Premium Article Pitching Backward: First-Pitching to the Situation

by Jeff Long

A first attempt at measuring how much different pitchers pitch to the situation--and the questions it raises.

Premium Article Raising Aces: Brandon Finnegan, the Debut Ante

by Doug Thorburn

The young lefty has ascended through the Royals system in just a few months and now finds himself being used in high-leverage situations during a World Series run. But is his future as a starter or in the pen?

Premium Article An Agent's Take: The Losses You Never Get Over

by Joshua Kusnick

Poaching is a big part of the agent business. Some especially sting and never stop.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 558: Mike Matheny Ruins a Perfectly Good Podcast

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam discuss NLCS Game Five and respond to Mike Matheny's post-game comments in real time.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Playoff Spotlight: Joe Panik

by Ben Carsley

The former first-rounder plugged the Giants' hole at the keystone, but can he do the same for your fantasy squad?

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Thursday, October 17th

by Jeff Moore

Notes on prospects who stood out in the desert, including Greg Bird and Patrick Kivlehan.

Premium Article Playoff Prospectus: A Three-Act Tragedy, A Three-Act Triumph: NLCS Game 5

by Mike Gianella

The Giants play on, while Mike Matheny manages one that we'll never forget.

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