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Saturday, December 3

PITCHf/ox: Episode 9: Scratched

by Meg Rowley and Jarrett Seidler

Consider that itch ... well, read the episode title.

Transaction Analysis: Atlanta's Old-Fashioned Rebuild

by Matthew Trueblood

R.A. Dickey, Bartolo Colon, and now Jaime Garcia? What are the Braves doing?

Friday, December 2

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 984: Advice for Teams With Too Much Money

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben, Sam, and BP's Russell Carleton banter about Nolan Ryan as a reliever, the possibility of a strike in 2021, and how teams should use the money the new CBA prevents them from spending.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Categorical Breakdowns: A Deeper Dive: Stolen Bases

by Greg Wellemeyer

Run fast, my young risers.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 983: The Non-Endless-Lockout Edition

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam banter about an endless lockout and an A.J. Ellis rumor, then answer listener emails about odd MVP votes in Japan, peak Pedro vs. peak Koufax, what they would bid for Charley Kershaw's baseball career, and mo

Premium Article 2017 Prospects: Boston Red Sox Top 10

by Jeffrey Paternostro and BP Prospect Staff

There is a wait so long (so long, so long). You’ll never wait so long.

Transaction Analysis: Chicago's Miami Connection

by Jared Wyllys, Jeffrey Paternostro and Brendan Gawlowski

Jon Jay's arrival in Chicago means Dexter Fowler is going elsewhere, and the Braves and Mariners make a minors trade.

Rumor Roundup: Pittsburgh Shops McCutchen

by Demetrius Bell

Andrew McCutchen is on the verge of being trade, but Shohei Otani may be staying in Japan for a while.

Thursday, December 1

BP Job Postings: Brewers Job Opening and Internship

by Rob McQuown

The Milwaukee Brewers are hiring a Senior Analyst – Baseball Research and Development and also have an internship available.

Flags Fly Forever Podcast: Ep. 110: Feeling Frosty

by George Bissell and Mike Gianella

George Bissell and Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus take a deep dive into current fantasy baseball topics.

BP Job Postings: Join Our Fantasy Team!

by BP Fantasy Staff

It's fun over here, we promise.

Transaction Analysis: Coming (Back) to America

by Bryan Grosnick and Patrick Dubuque

Eric Thames returns from Korea with many home runs, Carlos Ruiz lands in Seattle, and Oakland does a very Oakland thing.

Premium Article Deep, But Playable: Collective Bore-Gaining Agreement

by Craig Goldstein

The biggest changes are on the international spending front.

Premium Article Two-Strike Approach: Eovaldi Evolution

by Cat Garcia

What does the future hold for Nathan Eovaldi now that the Yankees have cut him loose?

Wednesday, November 30

BP Job Postings: Cardinals Fellowship Position

by Rob McQuown

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball club is seeking candidates for a new Baseball Operations Fellowship position to be based out of the Jupiter, FL complex. The Fellowship position runs from early 2017 through December 31, 2017. It is a full-time position eligible for insurance consistent with a typical Cardinals full-time employee.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Categorical Breakdowns: Stolen Base Over/Underachievers

by Wilson Karaman

Speed kills, and it's hard to project, too.

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 982: Scouting the Yankees and Signing the Cespedes

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam banter about a scene from Major League, an Adam Jones tweet, and the return of Nora Morse, then talk to BP's Jeff Paternostro about the Yankees' farm system, the Mets' Yoenis Cespedes signing, and the future of international free agency.

Premium Article 2017 Prospects: Tampa Bay Rays Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro and BP Prospect Staff

And it’s gonna be just you and me today, waiting for the other shoe to drop in Tampa Bay.

Transaction Analysis: Four More Years! Four More Years!

by Bryan Grosnick

Yoenis Cespedes stays in New York, as the Mets pony up $110 million to keep their star slugger.

Premium Article Baseball Therapy: The 26th Man

by Russell A. Carleton

LOOGYs? Speed? Defense? Dads? How should teams fill a potential 26th spot on the roster.

Rumor Roundup: Cespedes Fallout

by Emma Baccellieri

Cespedes could force out another outfielder in New York, Seattle wants veteran pitching, and Cincinnati would listen on Hamilton.

Tuesday, November 29

BP Daily Podcast: Effectively Wild Episode 981: The New-GM Job Check

by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller

Ben and Sam banter about a baseball TV trope and a Roger Angell passage, then discuss how they would have asked and answered interview questions for the Twins and Diamondbacks GM jobs and what they thought of the Mariners' and Diamondbacks' Jean Segura-Taijuan Walker trade and the Twins' Jason Castro signing.

Fantasy Article Fantasy Categorical Breakdowns: The Landscape: Stolen Bases

by George Bissell

Are fantasy owners finally running on empty?

Premium Article Flu-Like Symptoms: The World Series of Coin Flipping

by Rob Mains

How the expanded postseason may be imperiling seven-game series.

Cold Takes: The Rise and Fall of the Power Rankings

by Patrick Dubuque

With great power (ranking) comes ... well, almost no responsibility, actually.

Transaction Analysis: Sexy in South Beach

by Matthew Trueblood

Edinson Volquez is the right man for the job, but will he actually be any good at it?

Monday, November 28

Fantasy Article Fantasy Categorical Breakdowns: ERA: A Deeper Dive

by Greg Wellemeyer

How to view Michael Fulmer and Aaron Sanchez for 2017, and why Coors Field ruins everything.

Premium Article 2017 Prospects: New York Yankees Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro and BP Prospect Staff

We should have known, huh? You can always tell the winners at the starting gate. You can always tell the winners, and you can tell the losers.

Transaction Analysis: Vesatility, Depth, and Scenery

by Bryan Grosnick and Rob Mains

Atlanta adds super-utility man Sean Rodriguez, Andrew Cashner goes home, and the Rays and Mariners make their annual offseason swap.

Rumor Roundup: You’re The One That I Want

by Ashley Varela

Everyone wants Aroldis Chapman and, to a (much) lesser extent, Victor Martinez, plus the White Sox just want a hefty return for Chris Sale.

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