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Welcome to Pitching Week on Baseball Prospectus.

Prospectus Feature: Command and Control

by Jeff Long, Jonathan Judge and Harry Pavlidis

Introducing new tools to evaluate command and control through the lens of strikes. > >

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Premium Article 2017 Prospects: San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro and BP Prospect Staff

There’s a real big pile of sticks. You know you better stop messin’ around. . . . more | 8 unread comments

Premium Article Flu-Like Symptoms: New Year's Resolutions: Control

by Rob Mains

Using our new pitching metrics to ask new questions. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Transaction Analysis: Trumbo Stays in Baltimore

by Matthew Trueblood

Mark Trumbo returned to the Orioles after finding the free agent market somewhat lacking. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Rumor Roundup: Don’t Call Him the Comeback Kid

by Ashley Varela

Tim Lincecum refuses to retire, Yu Darvish contemplates a contract extension, and Tyson Ross gets a revised start date. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Fantasy Article The Quinton: Second Base and Changes in Landscape

by Jeff Quinton

How to adapt to the sudden abundance of fantasy riches at the keystone. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Players to Target: Second Base

by BP Fantasy Staff

Our staff identifies some potential fantasy value plays at the keystone. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Early ADP Analysis: Second Base

by Matt Collins

A look at where keystoners have been selected in the early batch of drafts this spring. . . . more | 9 unread comments

Fantasy Article State of the Position: Second Base

by George Bissell

The 30,000-foot-high view of the keystone for fantasy purposes. . . . more | 0 comments

Sunday, January 22

Players Prefer Presentation: Would You Like to Play a Game of Telephone?

by Meg Rowley

What would managers and catchers chat about if they had NFL-style headsets? . . . more | 8 unread comments

Transaction Analysis: Reds Cash In Straily

by Bryan Grosnick and Steve Givarz

Miami further empties out a weak farm system to get Dan Straily from Cincinnati. . . . more | 0 comments

BP Boston: Dave Dombrowski and the Three-Year Window

by Matthew Kory

Boston's young core is set up to win now, but things could start to get tricky soon. . . . more | 0 comments

BP Milwaukee: Baserunning Havoc

by Nathan Desutter

Great speed and tons of aggression doesn't always equal positive value. . . . more | 0 comments

Friday, January 20

2017 Prospects: Colorado Rockies Top 10 Prospects

by Jeffrey Paternostro, Wilson Karaman and BP Prospect Staff

My, look at the price. This could be nice. You’ve covered all your bases. . . . more | 18 unread comments

Rumor Roundup: Hunting Starters

by Demetrius Bell

Houston wants rotation help, Minnesota wants veterans, and Canada wants to turn back the clock. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Players to Avoid: First Basemen

by BP Fantasy Staff

You might want to let someone else draft or buy these players in your leagues this spring. . . . more | 12 unread comments

Fantasy Article The -Only League Landscape: American League First Basemen

by Mike Gianella

An overview of the fantasy options at this position in the junior circuit. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Player Profile: Miguel Cabrera

by Matt Collins

Can the Tigers star keep on roaring in 2017? . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape, Dynasty Edition: A.J. Reed vs. Dan Vogelbach

by George Bissell

Which of these two big boppers is the better long-term fantasy bet? . . . more | 2 unread comments

Thursday, January 19

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Extension Party

by Bryan Grosnick, Jared Wyllys and Matthew Trueblood

You get an extension. And you get an extension. And you get an extension. . . . more | 5 unread comments

Flu-Like Symptoms: New Year's Resolutions: Pitchers' Plate Discipline

by Rob Mains

Does better plate discipline for pitchers yield better results? . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article Dynasty League Positional Rankings: The Top 50 First Basemen

by Bret Sayre

Stacking up the players at this position for the long haul. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Fantasy Article The -Only League Landscape: National League First Basemen

by Scooter Hotz

A look at the menu of options at this position in the senior circuit. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape: Brandon Belt vs. C.J. Cron

by Mark Barry

Which of these two alliterative West Coasters is the better bet for your fantasy team in 2017? . . . more | 5 unread comments

Wednesday, January 18

Rubbing Mud: Dozier and the Doyers

by Matthew Trueblood

Brian Dozier is still in Minnesota, but maybe the Dodgers and the Twins were right to balk at a deal. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Outta Left Field: Cooperstown Changes

by Dustin Palmateer

Limitless ballots could make for Hall of Fame overkill, but maybe there's a simple solution. . . . more | 10 unread comments

Rumor Roundup: Must-See TV

by Emma Baccellieri

Alex Rodriguez gets a TV show, the Tigers look for a center fielder, and the Rays add a former closer. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Three-Year Projections: First Base

by Greg Wellemeyer

Stacking up players at this position based on their projected fantasy values through the end of the 2019 season. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Fantasy Article The Adjuster: First Base

by Eric Roseberry

Identifying players who see their values rise or fall in OBP and points formats. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article Tale of the Tape: Tommy Joseph vs. Eric Thames

by Bryan Joiner

Is the second-year Phillie or the new, KBO-destroying Brewer a better fantasy bet in 2017? . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article Get to Know: First Base Prospects

by Ben Carsley

A window into the fantasy future at the cold corner. . . . more | 9 unread comments

Tuesday, January 17

Premium Article Baseball Therapy: What Does Batter/Pitcher Matchup Data Tell Us?

by Russell A. Carleton

Have we been too quick to dismiss the value of batter vs. pitcher histories? . . . more | 8 unread comments