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Premium Article Ninety Percent Mental: The Predictable Aggressiveness of a First-Year GM

by Lewie Pollis

A.J. Preller's first winter shouldn't be surprising, if you think about it. . . . more | 7 unread comments

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Martin in Miami, Nate to New York

by R.J. Anderson and Mike Gianella

The Yankees get a power arm and left-handed bat, the Marlins get scrappy, and the Pirates add a bat looking to bounce back. . . . more | 7 unread comments

The Week in Quotes: December 15-21, 2014

by Nick Bacarella, Chris Mosch and Nick Wheatley-Schaller

Running through the notable quotes from the week that was. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Team Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates

by Keith Cromer

There's a talented young core in the Steel City, with more intriguing prospects on the way. . . . more | 8 unread comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Is Marcus Stroman the Real '6 God'?

by Nick Shlain

A look at whether the young Jays righty can take another step forward in 2015. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Premium Article Minor League Update: Winter League Games to Date

by Jeff Moore

The Update returns with a look at the prospects and young players who've stood out in the Dominican. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Saturday, December 20

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Padres Wish Upton a Star

by R.J. Anderson, Wilson Karaman, Bret Sayre, Jordan Gorosh, Jeff Moore and Ethan Purser

The Padres add another big-name outfielder, sending four prospect to Atlanta in the process, and also bring back an oft-injured arm. . . . more | 10 unread comments

Friday, December 19

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Catchin' Relief

by Matthew Trueblood, R.J. Anderson, Wilson Karaman, Mike Gianella, Jordan Gorosh and Chris Rodriguez

After trading away both of its catchers in separate deals, San Diego reloaded by acquiring one who can really hit. . . . more | 5 unread comments

Premium Article Raising Aces: Best and Worst Mechanics: NL West

by Doug Thorburn

The best and worst pitcher mechanics in the NL West are broken down. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Bringing the Band Back Together... Again

by Daniel Rathman and Wilson Karaman

Brian Sabean may have missed out on two of the bigger contributors to the Giants 2014 run, but apparently he's not letting anyone else get away. . . . more | 0 comments

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Live That Fantasy

by Sahadev Sharma and Wilson Karaman

The Royals put their faith in a pitcher coming off a BABIP spike and a pitcher coming off his second Tommy John surgery. . . . more | 0 comments

Premium Article Pitching Backward: Brandon McCarthy and the Outlier Curveball

by Jeff Long

Brandon McCarthy's breaker did different things last year, and so did Brandon McCarthy. . . . more | 0 comments

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Kenta Maeda Will Not Be Appearing In This Feature (Beyond Today)

by Daniel Rathman

Also, Nori Aoki is wandering around with no clear direction or intent; the Rockies want pitching, if you can imagine; and the Red Sox are willing to give up Allen Craig, if you can imagine. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Thursday, December 18

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: What the Rays and Nationals Got

by Tucker Blair, Jordan Gorosh, Chris Rodriguez and J.P. Breen

Wil Myers headlined the deal, but here's what the other two teams in Wednesday's three-way got. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Padres Add Myers

by R.J. Anderson, Wilson Karaman and Tucker Blair

Wil Myers is swapped for the second time in as many years. What gives? . . . more | 9 unread comments

Premium Article Moonshot: In Search of Pedro Cerrano

by Robert Arthur

Looking for evidence of the 'fastball hitter'. . . . more | 6 unread comments

Premium Article Skewed Left: Padres Can't Play It Safe

by Zachary Levine

Why the Padres taking on a high-risk veteran like Matt Kemp and the Dodgers playing it safe with Yasmani Grandal makes perfect sense. . . . more | 10 unread comments

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: Pitching at a Premium

by Chris Mosch

The secondary pitching market has little remaining, with a glut in the outfield, the Padres aren't done making moves, and the Blue Jay may look to the Far East to fix their second-base hole. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Don't Forget the Vets

by Matt Collins

They might be on the wrong side of 30, but these players can provide a safer return than many hotshot 20-somethings in 2015. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Team Preview: San Francisco Giants

by Jeff Quinton

A trio of studs compensates for the defending champs' barren farm system. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Wednesday, December 17

Daisy Cutter: The Value of Five-Plus Players

by Sahadev Sharma

It can be difficult for two teams to balance the value of a pitcher with his impending free agency. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Royals Bank on a Rios Rebound

by R.J. Anderson, Ben Carsley and Nick Shlain

The Royals add another aging bat, the Marlins hope a move to first keeps Morse healthy, the Rockies add bench depth, the Yankees keep some rotation depth, the Cubs and Orioles build pen depth, and a low-risk, but possibly not-so-high-reward arm, lands in San Diego. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: Angels Happy Re: Joyce

by Craig Goldstein and Nick Shlain

The Rays get another arm for the bullpen, while Gavin Floyd signs in Cleveland. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: A Monster Myers Move?

by Chris Mosch

Are the Tampa Bay Rays really on the verge of moving Wil Myers with five years of control left? Also, Seattle is close to a big move and the addition of Michael Morse makes a Marlin available. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: Undervalued NL Starting Pitchers

by Keith Cromer

These senior-circuit hurlers might be better fantasy assets than you think. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Team Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

by J.P. Breen

Thump and speed in the lineup make up for a mediocre rotation and a possible by-committee closer situation. . . . more | 0 comments

Tuesday, December 16

Ninety Percent Mental: It's Happening!

by Lewie Pollis

The league might be catching up to the inefficiency in non-player compensation. . . . more | 22 unread comments

Premium Article Pitching Backward: Curveballs and Changes

by Jeff Long

Exploring the league's curveballs, we find two excellent breakers that changed dramatically last year--though in surprising ways. . . . more | 5 unread comments

Premium Article Rumor Roundup: It's Hard To Make Dan Haren Happy

by Daniel Rathman

The Marlins might try to flip Dan Haren, but options are limited. Also, the Cubs aren't interested in Colby Rasmus, and Brad Penny is mentioned. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: The Headley Weapon

by R.J. Anderson and Ben Carsley

The Yankees re-sign Chase Headley, the Astros get a hitter to play shortstop, and Brett Anderson has incentives. . . . more | 5 unread comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: The Trouble With Tiers

by Mike Gianella

Why adhering to tiered rankings might be an impediment in auctions. . . . more | 10 unread comments

Monday, December 15

Prospectus Feature: The Surprising Math Teams Use to Value a Compensation Pick

by Jeff Quinton

Why does the value a team places on a draft pick seem to change from situation to situation? . . . more | 9 unread comments