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So you're saying I can't allow negative runs in a season? Challenge accepted!

Prospectus Feature: Overcoming Negativity

by Jonathan Judge

DRA in depth: Finding a run-expectancy curve that would eliminate the negative DRA. > >

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Prospectus Q&A: Rich Hill, Ace Pitcher

by Tim Britton

On the most interesting success story in baseball. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Premium Article Raising Aces: Today's Velo Losers

by Doug Thorburn

Where have you gone, past velocity? Should we be concerned your arm will break? Hey, hey, hey. . . . more | 3 unread comments

BP South Side: White Sox Meet Jose Abreu at the Crossroads

by James Fegan

Jose Abreau is off to a bad start that has the White Sox worried, but should they be? . . . more | 0 comments

What You Need to Know: Matt Cain's Campaign To Get His 2018 Option Picked Up Wins the Weekend

by Ashley Varela

The 2010 Giants are back, sort of. Meanwhile, Noah Syndergaard continues his takeover of the world, while Joe Kelly flashes great stuff. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Premium Article Monday Morning Ten Pack: May 23, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Notes on Mercer's Kyle Lewis, the Cubs' flow bro Dan Vogelbach, and the Mets' Wuilmer Becerra. . . . more | 1 unread comment

The Prospectus Hit List: Monday, May 23

by Matt Sussman

Hit List, everybody needs a thrill. Hit List, we all got a space to fill. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Updating the Tiers: Catchers

by Mike Gianella

Reranking the backstops based on early-season performances, injuries, and the like. . . . more | 7 unread comments

Fantasy Article Updating the Tiers: First Basemen

by Bret Sayre

Anthony Rizzo drops down a peg, Chris Carter rises, and more changes in the revised ordering of the first sackers. . . . more | 16 unread comments

Fantasy Article Updating the Tiers: Second Basemen

by Mike Gianella

Robbie Cano returns to the keystone's elite ranks, among other changes in this mid-season reranking. . . . more | 8 unread comments

Fantasy Article The Quinton: Trades, Supply Chains, and Lead Times

by Jeff Quinton

Considering the sequence of a fantasy trade, from research to completion, can help us to avoid missing out on the best deals. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article The Buyer's Guide: Nick Castellanos

by J.P. Breen

Is it time to sell high on the Tigers third baseman? . . . more | 2 unread comments

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of May 20-22

by Christopher Crawford

Notes on prospects who stood out this weekend, including Jacob Faria, Daniel Gossett, Adam Brett Walker, Mike Yastrzemski, and Dwight Smith. . . . more | 7 unread comments

Sunday, May 22

Rubbing Mud: So You Want to Fire Your General Manager

by Matthew Trueblood

One challenge of replacing a GM is unwinding an entire front office during the permanent campaign of modern baseball. . . . more | 3 unread comments

BP Mets: Baseball Runs On Plawecki

by Erik Malinowski

Saying a prayer of thanks for the big leaguers who stand for us. . . . more | 0 comments

BP South Side: Chris Sale Adjusts Better

by James Fegan

The White Sox ace is having a sensational season, but even with his success he has made adjustments. . . . more | 0 comments

BP Milwaukee: The Draft Is Not Your Silver Bullet

by Julien Assouline

It takes a lot more than high draft picks to rebuild. . . . more | 0 comments

Saturday, May 21

Raising Aces: Shades of Gray

by Doug Thorburn

Standout pitching performances from the week, including Grays Sonny and Jon. . . . more | 1 unread comment

BP Bronx: This Year In Mark Teixeira's Wildly Fluctuating Seasons

by Stacey Gotsulias

After an unexpected but inspiring revival last year, Mark Teixiera is back in the doldrums. What's going on with the erstwhile superstar? . . . more | 0 comments

BP Boston: Let This Be the Real Jackie Bradley

by Matthew Kory

For the second time in the past 12 months, Jackie Bradley Jr. has been on an incredible run of offense, but it's been interspersed with long periods of futility in the majors. Is this finally it? . . . more | 0 comments

BP Wrigleyville: The Extremely Rare, Most Certainly Temporary Case Of Kris Bryant Being Unlucky

by Rian Watt

A mixed model approach to appreciating the young star's performance this season. . . . more | 0 comments

Friday, May 20

Rubbing Mud: The Quarter-Pole Odds Changes

by Matthew Trueblood

The more things change, the more they stay the same, except for when they change. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Soft Toss: Making a Pitch for Practice Pitchers

by Brendan Gawlowski

Are teams missing out on an opportunity to further development for hitters? . . . more | 14 unread comments

The Prospectus Hit List: Friday, May 20

by Matthew Kory

Friday, Friday, gotta hit list on Friday. . . . more | 0 comments

What You Need to Know: So This Is Matt Harvey?

by Nicolas Stellini

The Mets' ace is not, the White Sox ace is, and the Blue Jays' leadoff hitter is... Jose Bautista! . . . more | 3 unread comments

Transaction Analysis: Nathan Trying To Be Famous Again

by Bryan Grosnick

Joe Nathan finds a home for his comeback, Jimmy Parades' utility train arrives at a new stop, and the Padres trade cash to keep Blash. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Premium Article Weekly Wrap: May 20, 2016

by Will Haines

Promotions for Foster Griffin and Yandy Diaz, plus a trip to the DL for A.J. Reed highlight the Weekly Wrap . . . more | 5 unread comments

BP Milwaukee: Don't Put All Your Eggs in the Draft Basket

by Julien Assouline

Not all drafts are created equal and MLB teams counting on the inexact science involved risk coming up empty. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Free Agent Watch: Week Eight

by George Bissell and J.J. Jansons

If these players are on your league's waiver wire, they might be worth grabbing, depending on the format. . . . more | 6 unread comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Starting Pitcher Planner: Week Nine

by Greg Wellemeyer

Helping you set your fantasy rotation for next week with a look at the two-start pitchers. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Premium Article Minor League Update: Games of Thursday, May 19th

by Mark Anderson

Notes on prospects who stood out yesterday, including J.D. Davis, J.P. Crawford, Max Kepler, Joe Musgove, and Jameson Taillon. . . . more | 6 unread comments

Thursday, May 19

Prospectus Feature: So Long, Jose Berrios; See You Soon?

by Aaron Gleeman

Putting the Twins' top pitching prospect's disaster start in perspective. . . . more | 11 unread comments

Premium Article Some Projection Left: Top 50 Draft Prospects

by Christopher Crawford

Chris Crawford's look at the top prospects in the upcoming draft . . . more | 15 unread comments

Premium Article Eyewitness Accounts: May 19, 2016

by BP Prospect Staff

Eyes on Jameson Taillon, Skye Bolt, Isan Diaz, Trent Clark, and more. . . . more | 5 unread comments

What You Need to Know: You Could Wake Up Tomorrow to the Phillies in First Place

by Demetrius Bell

The run continues in Philadelphia, the strikeouts continue to pile up for Justin Verlander, and Jackie Bradley Jr.'s hitting streak is getting interesting. . . . more | 0 comments