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Looking Back on Tomorrow: Philadelphia Phillies

by Jarrett Seidler

Bad draft luck may have delayed the Phillies' rebuild, but they're close to putting things together. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Short Relief: A Friendly Warning, A Friendly Pitcher, and Some Friendly Advice

by Matt Ellis, Emma Baccellieri and Kate Preusser

Matt transcribes a sample inning of Jose Canseco's broadcast debut, Emma finds the ideal athlete social media presence, and Kate encourages some GMs to engage in shower thoughts. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Expert League Auction Recap: 2017 Tout Wars Mixed

by Bret Sayre

On Saturday, Bret and 14 experts threw down for four hours in New York City. This is the true story of what happened. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Expert League Auction Recap: Tout Wars National League

by Mike Gianella

Mike looks back on his buys and general thoughts on the recently completed experts league auction. . . . more | 3 unread comments

Fantasy Article My Model Portfolio: New York State of Mind

by Tim Finnegan

Tim anchors his pitching staff with a pair of Mets, and aims to find bang for the buck at every spot on his roster. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article My Model Portfolio: The Ricky Bobby Experiment

by George Bissell

The result of George's bottom-up style of roster building, identifying bargains first before diving into the pool of higher-priced players. . . . more | 5 unread comments

Monday, March 27

Short Relief: Talking (And Not Talking) Baseball

by Holly Wendt and Patrick Dubuque

A discussion of a forgotten set of 1989 baseball cards that contained audio recordings, and the their secrets. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Rumor Roundup: Blindsided, Bothered, and Bewildered

by Ashley Varela

Kolten Wong needs a starting role, Will Smith needs Tommy John surgery, and the Rays need a right-handed hitter. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article My Model Portfolio: Trying to Find a Balance

by Matt Collins

Matt builds his ideal fantasy squad for 2017, subject to the $260 constraint. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Fantasy Article My Model Portfolio: Not Cutting Corners

by Greg Wellemeyer

After saving at some other positions, Greg anchors his ideal squad with Joey Votto and Josh Donaldson at the infield corners. . . . more | 4 unread comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Freestyle: My First Auction of 2017

by Scooter Hotz

Scooter recaps the results of his recent keeper-league auction. . . . more | 0 comments

Saturday, March 25

BP Mets: Noah Syndergaard: Change for Change(up)'s Sake

by Adam Kaufman

Noah Syndergaard plans to improve by throwing ... slower? . . . more | 0 comments

BP Kansas City: Nate Karns: Three Pitches And The Truth

by Craig Brown

Kansas City's best option for the back of the rotation. . . . more | 0 comments

BP Milwaukee: Revisiting the Sabathia Trade

by Nicholas Zettel

Let's head back in time to assess one of Doug Melvin's iconic moves. . . . more | 0 comments

Friday, March 24

Premium Article Cold Takes: Always Tell Me the Odds

by Patrick Dubuque

Maybe televised baseball can learn something from televised poker. . . . more | 7 unread comments

Banjo Hitter: Sticking at Shortstop

by Aaron Gleeman

How many top-ranked shortstop prospects actually go on to play shortstop in the majors? . . . more | 4 unread comments

Looking Back on Tomorrow: Cincinnati Reds

by Eric Roseberry

For every Scott Feldman, there is a Joey Votto. And lots of running. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Short Relief: Puttin' On The Reds / Historical Unwritten Rules

by Matt Sussman and Mary Craig

Matt recounts how history was made on a bad Reds team in 1998, while Mary does some social archaeology through customs of baseball past. . . . more | 1 unread comment

Rumor Roundup: Drag Race

by Demetrius Bell

Jose Quintana is still on the block, Luis Valbuena is hurt, and the WBC is thriving. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Five to Watch: NL Post-Hype Pitchers

by Wilson Karaman

The prospect shine might've worn off these arms, but they're still worthy of your attention. . . . more | 0 comments

Fantasy Article Fantasy Auction Values: Fourth Edition, 2017

by Mike Gianella

Mike updates his bid limits based on the latest news and happenings around the league. . . . more | 13 unread comments

Fantasy Article Player Profile: Carlos Santana

by Scooter Hotz

Casting the fantasy spotlight on the Indians slugger. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Fantasy Article TTO Scoresheet Podcast: Episode 97

by Ian Lefkowitz, Ben Murphy and Jared Weiss

The Outcomes take listener questions, discuss some of "their guys," and talk WBC. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Thursday, March 23

Looking Back on Tomorrow: New York Yankees

by Jarrett Seidler

They've collected some of the best young talent in the game, but are the Yankees capable of making noise in 2017? . . . more | 1 unread comment

Premium Article Transaction Analysis: The Three Types of Extension

by Bryan Grosnick

Carlos Martinez, Tim Anderson, and Kevin Kiermaier sign long-term deals, for different reasons. . . . more | 2 unread comments

Premium Article Guarding The Lines: When It's Different But Still Great

by Jarrett Seidler

Javier Baez is as good as we thought he might be, just...completely differently. . . . more | 2 unread comments