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Yeah, this is the part that doesn\'t seem to get quite as much attention as it should. The move to Fremont isn\'t about Fremont: it\'s about turning the team into the San Jose A\'s (of Fremont). Oakland\'s population is just over 400k people. San Jose\'s is more than twice that. Ken\'s point about corporate access is spot on, too -- right now the Giants get almost all of the \"dot-com perks\" traffic. (The 49ers proposed move similarly isn\'t about Santa Clara per se; it\'s about becoming the San Jose and Silicon Valley team.) I imagine they\'d also be writing off the (relatively small) fan base that currently BARTs in from San Francisco. That trip is pretty easy now, but would become quite a bit more tedious with a relocation that far south.

Nov 23, 2008 10:05 AM on Our Picks at the Break
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Interesting. That sounds like it\'d greatly help out the traffic coming northbound from the San Jose side -- as you point out, historically the long stretch from 101 all the way up almost to Decoto Road has been awful. Glad to hear they\'re finally getting that opened up. I\'d be coming from the north, though, so my big concern is the southbound Mowry/Stevenson/Auto Mall stretch. Not all of that is undergoing substantial widening, and it\'s already a nightmare at rush hour. (I\'m also puzzled by the commenter who says that there is no traffic impact by the Coliseum. In my experience there\'s a definite effect in the hour or so before any game or high-attendance concert event. I definitely agree that there is not enough capacity at the existing Coliseum BART station for the after-game flood, though.)

Nov 20, 2008 10:36 PM on Our Picks at the Break