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Chuck from Wichita
1 comments | 2 total rating | 2.00 average rating
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Chuck from Wichita
Comment rating: 2

September 5, 1993, at Wrigley Field for a Cubs-Mets game. The Mets are up, 1-0, going into the bottom of the ninth, John Franco on to close after 8 innings of shut-out ball by Anthony Young... yeah, Anthony Young. Anyway, Franco walks Mark Grace, strikes out Sammy Sosa, then grooves a 3-1 fastball to pinch hitter Glenallen Hill for a walk-off home run. Stupid Cubs. In and of itself, not all that odd, until... July 25, 1998, at Wrigley Field for a Cubs-Mets game. John Franco comes into the game in the 8th to protect a 2-1 lead after starter Masato Yoshii put the tying run on base. Upon Franco coming into the game, Glenallen Hill, having been with two other teams since 1993, is announced as the pinch hitter. I remember thinking, "wow... deja vu". The count gets to 3-1 and I tell my wife, "watch this...". I'm pretty sure Hill hit the ball to exactly the same outfield seat he did 5 years earlier. Stupid Cubs.

Jun 12, 2009 6:52 AM on More Revenue