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Comment rating: -2

u got maitan ranked and he hasn't even played yet and no vladimir guerrero jr...I'm i missing something?

Comment rating: -1

"He’s already a large human being, with a very thick midsection and lower half. At 17. He’s likely a first baseman in the end and that will put an awful lot of pressure on the offensive profile to have a strong patrilineal influence. The stolen bases are more an artifact of every Tom, Dick, and Vladdy being able to steal in the low minors. He’s already a below-average runner." its very possible lot of weight issues is 'baby fat'. i'm no expert on this but in research online many sites say for boys they lose the 'baby fat' between 16-20 yrs old. also mentioned that the biggest factor is losing 'baby fat' is the amount of exercise. soooo...at this point i'm 'hoping' for maybe one more growth spurt and more fat turning into muscle...and you can run faster with less weight...at any rate, his body at 17 is still in development mode... power should be even more impressive as his body develops...he already has the eye (33 BB/35 SO), the swing, the genes... right now at 17 he's ahead of the average prospect schedule...playing with older guys and holding his own...after slow start, last month of season batted .295... He may go 'fast-track' rather than the '2021 route'... 2017 A? 2018 AA? 2019 AAA-Majors? still a keeper for me...