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Thanks. Ninety-one years later and it still works. Pretty cool.

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I agree about sticking to the game, Steve. You couldn't be more correct. However, I disagree that "no radio announcer today provides play-by-play, pitch-by-pitch coverage." Tune into the Giants, Mariners or Brewers sometime. You'll definitely get the game. I'm sure there are plenty others. The thermos story happened to occur during a pitching change during a 107-loss season, in Milo's defense. To your point, though, the "story" that demands to be told each night is the story of that night's game. Period. Each person will describe it differently, based on what they see, what they perceive to be important and their vocabulary. They'll make inferences and draw parallels based on their life experiences. To that end, a little context and a well-chosen word can make for a much more interesting listen. So long as the actual details and facts aren't subjugated. That's my opinion, anyway. Thanks for reading! -Dave