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3 comments | 8 total rating | 2.67 average rating
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Share comments by 'doshiro' posted at
Baseball Prospectus http://bbp.cx/i/65186
Comment rating: 4

How much higher did your sources think Gohara should be?

Comment rating: 2

Thanks KG for the podcast. If you care to know what the podcast has meant to me... I'm a 0.9er many times over; I listen to about two shows each day during the work week. Without the show I would have lost my mind probably a year ago at my monotonous job. Anyways, I was offered a promotion and start in about a month. As part of my new position I will not be able to listen to the show at the same frequency. So it's not exactly the end of the world for me. Words can not express how happy I am for you and how thankful I am for all the hours of entertainment the show has provided.

Comment rating: 2

Congrats KG- Thanks for everything over the years. I can honestly say that your work has enriched my life and I can not thank you enough for that. May there be many successful seasons for you in the future and #want will live on in memory of your time at BP.

Sep 01, 2012 12:14 PM on Goodbye to the Internet