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Comment rating: 2

I 100% agree with toanstrom...and you Kevin. Sizemore was not given a proper shot to figure things out at the Major League level. Leyland put him in his Malboro-stenched doghouse and never let him out. Now we have another one-pitch power arm who will give up bombs. And a second base tandem of 4A players. Awesome.

Comment rating: 0

I will add this...Verlander threw more pitches Monday versus the Yankees (127) than he did for the no-no (108). The 127 was his second highest pitch total of his career. Also, I have the official number wrong, but I believe Verlander has thrown 100+ pitches in 28 straight starts...no one else is even close. So, I get the point of the article too, and agree that as a general rule, it's probably accurate. But JV is a horse...and the evidence by T. Kiefer and mine above suggests there will be no letdown.

May 09, 2011 9:19 AM on No-Hit Hangover?