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3 comments | 3 total rating | 1.00 average rating
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Share comments by 'chas.schlaack' posted at
Baseball Prospectus http://bbp.cx/i/51692
Comment rating: 2

Totally agree with your assessment, wasn't intending to disparage any candidate's writing, analysis, etc. It's been absolutely great so far... I'm only pointing out that BP Idol's voting rules work such that memory of past performance is - effectively - erased, right? There's no 'batting average' that shows overall performance week-to-week, so when when one candidate who has consistently provided great stuff falters, his past week's work - which could be far better than other remaining candidate's past work - doesn't act as a buffer and he gets the boot. It would actually be nice to see the contest's rules reflect baseball's rules - some type of win-loss assignment based on votes and Champion is the one who sits atop the standings at the end. My point is: Been great so far, BP, but can certainly be better, more accurate, fairer.

Jul 10, 2009 9:27 AM on How Good Is It?
Comment rating: 2

I find it ironic that a website whose mantra is "don't draw irresponsible conclusions about players on the basis of a small sample size!" holds a contest whose rules are conducive to drawing conclusions about candidates on the basis of small, unrepresentative sample size. Matt's performance was *consistently* good (or the best) and he deserves to be writing this week. As a reader, I only ask that in future BP Idol contests the metrics for measuring success be more advanced (it is, after all, BP's job to create innovative analysis...). Then, I think, the probability of losing "a Matt" will be far less likely. Good luck to the other contestants!

Jul 10, 2009 8:38 AM on How Good Is It?
Comment rating: -1

Pivot tables *are* basic. Easily one of the better articles of the week.