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I am so happy that many of you view a players DEFENSIVE ABILITIES as being very important! A player like DICK ALLEN is more deserving than HAROLD BAINES because he played a position! I grew up watching JIM RICE, I feel he\'s a HOFer...He was 1 of the most dominate of his time! His numbers were great until the JUICERS of the last 15(or so) years! BLYLEVEN and JACK MORRIS too! Of course HENDERSON! I feel Rickey is 1 of the greatest ever! Again, if it wasn\'t for the JUICING OF BONDS Rickeys numbers would all that much better! I can\'t wait to hear him talk! You all make great points! p.s. Raines is a year or 2 away!

Comment rating: -11

I have been arguing how UNIMPORTANT ADAM DUNN is! His batting average, strike outs and bad defense! I\'m glad others look at defense the same way I do! STRAT-O-MATIC had it right for over 30 years!