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Share comments by 'mickbolt' posted at
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Comment rating: 1

I would like to hear more about the perspective of the minor league fan. How does a fan handle the coming and goings of so many players during the course of a season? How do they react to the up and downs caused by the roster changes? How do they like having players on their team that are on their way down and out of baseball on one end of the bench and the upstart prospect that dreams of being in the big leagues on the other end? How do those fans root for a team that is constantly changing and not always for the best? Keep up the good work.

Aug 06, 2009 11:59 PM on Another Viewpoint
Comment rating: -1

As for the White Sox, it is untrue to combine Brian Anderson and Dewayne Wise with Scott Podsednik as centerfielders when Pods has been the leftfielder in Quentin's absense and will become the regular centerfielder when Carlos Quentin returns from his rehab assignement. Podsednik actually is being credited along with Alexi Ramirez as turning the season around for the Sox at the top of the lineup while Gordon Becham and Chris Getz have brought production back to the bottom of the order in the past six weeks. Don't count the Sox out of anything yet as their rotation with the successful return of Jose Contreras to go along with John Danks, Gavin Floyd and Mark Buehrle make the starting four one of the best in baseball. The bullpen with Scott Linebrink, Matt Thornton and Bobby Jenks will hold it's own in the stretch run making the team a legit contender for the Central Division title and possibly a sleeper in the playoffs.

Jul 17, 2009 5:16 PM on AL
Comment rating: 0

Will, I just joined the site and now I find out that you will be eliminating rumors which I find enjoyable to read and speculate on their validity. Re-consider and allow us, the fans, to judge for ourselves their validity. If we wanted to hear it some place else we would go there anyway.... but Baseball Prospectus is where I want to hear from you guys.

Dec 04, 2008 5:57 PM on Sharing the Dais
Comment rating: -1

Forget Pettitte, forget Garland, forget Vazquez! Javier is full of talent but most of us get tired of hearing about that talet and than watching him perform with less than enthusiastic efforts. The White Sox pulled off a division title last season with the losses of third baseman Joe Crede, starting pitcher Jose Contreras and their top offensive star of 2008 Carlos Quentin. All this and plus having to overcome the pathetic efforts of Javy down the stretch which almost cost the team the division all by himself when he went 0-4 after being challenged as a big-game pitcher. Say what you may about Ozzie Guillen and Don Cooper but Bobby Cox will also find out that they were right in their assessment of him. If Cox is going to perform miracles in Atlanta than why hasn\'t he already sone it with his own pitchers. Good luck with Boone Logan too.

Dec 03, 2008 6:47 PM on A Peach of a Deal