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4 comments | -17 total rating | -4.25 average rating
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Share comments by 'cuculi13' posted at
Baseball Prospectus http://bbp.cx/i/45353
Comment rating: 2

Good piece, Gabe

Comment rating: -10

Like you dont know how BP readers will answer that question. Please, Mr Wyers...

Comment rating: -9

As a subscriber of Baseball Prospectus, i found this kind of post absolutely pathetic. This is the kind of bullshit you think you will find at some old newspaper, a story by a pathetic old and bitter writer. But not here. What's the point of bringing this kind of think now? We are talking about 2012, about the MVP race, not about a contest for best human being ever. And even then, Mr Wyers, i guess that you believe that people that made mistakes in the past should paid forever for those. There are a ton of arguments to support Trout's case, so use them. There is no need for this kind of garbage at Baseball Prospectus

Comment rating: 0

Great piece, Russell. BP really got better with you again on board...