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Comment rating: 2

I strongly disagree with the article concerning the Yankees. The Yankees may be flush with cash, but it doesn\'t mean that they should overpay drastically when they don\'t have to. Abreu is coming off of a $16 million salary and would likely make at least that in arbitration. He will be lucky to get $16 million for TWO years on the open market. It seems like the Yankees (if they wanted to keep Abreu could do it for a lot less than offering him arbitration and having him accept. Pettitte is in a similar case, but maybe not as extreme. The Yankees don\'t value him at his 2008 salary of $16 million, which is at least what they would have paid him if Pettitte were offered and accepted arbitration. I\'m not sure I see a team giving Pettitte $16 million either, meaning he may just return to the Yankees eventually for the $10 million reported offer the Yankees have already made him.

Dec 03, 2008 2:17 PM on July 9-15