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Comment rating: -1

Sometimes I wonder why I bother subscribing to BP. "Left field is a unique position, since with few exceptions it is not a group that you'll pick from early in the draft." Of the top 10 LF, only Dunn/Damon fall past the 4th round. I would gladly have Braun, Soriano, Quentin, ManRam, Crawford, Holliday, Bay, Lee in rounds 1-4. Carlos Lee is averaging ~.295, 31 HR, 90 runs, 110 RBI over his last 6 seasons, including an injury shortened 2008. Carl Crawford stole 46+ bases every full season of his career. Even last year's 25 steals over 109 games projects to 36 steals over a 105 game season. But you have him tagged for 30 bases with a 90 percentile of only 35 steals?

Mar 13, 2009 1:15 PM on Left Fielders
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Kelly Johnson is projected to under perform Kinlser in PA, runs, HR, RBI and steals. Kelly Johnson is projected to hit .003 higher (.287 to .284) and draw 9 more walks. Kelly\'s OBP is projected at .370 to Kinsler\'s .355, but Kinsler has a slightly better SLG. However, KJ has a VORP of 41.2 (22nd overall) compared to Kinsler\'s 34.9 (35th overall). Mock Draft Central ranks Kelly ~165. CBS has him #203 overall, ESPN has him at 214 overall. Kinsler goes in the 2nd or third round of most drafts, but Johnson can be had in the 17th round. Some other crazy VORPs: Christian Guzman (#11), Carl Crawford (#279 - right near utility man Ruben Gotay), Ichiro (#291), Josh Hamilton (#86), Alex Rios (#199). It seems that drafting your fantasy team based on VORP is a terrible strategy.

Feb 21, 2009 7:02 PM on August 9-11, 2001
Comment rating: 1

Mets fans boo Chipper because he is good and has hurt the Mets in the past. Mets fans boo John Rocker and Elijah Dukes because they are jerks. Big difference...nobody wishes ill will on Chipper, they just wish he sits out games against the Mets.

Sep 12, 2008 12:48 PM on Friday's Games to Watch