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Comment rating: 2

I agree the major issue is commercials. Seems to me every time they quicken the game, that time savings is more than made up for by more time for commercials. I am dubious we can solve this issue until owners are ready to set aside present revenues for potential future revenues. I'm not holding my breath.

Aug 28, 2014 6:13 PM on A Three-Hour Tour
Comment rating: 0

As to (A), perhaps I didn't explain well, but I did not mean BP would rebroadcast. Maybe audio would be an issue, but I don't see that having online commentary would run afoul of "express, written consent" or any other IP rights. (Of course, this is academic if MLB sues.) As to (B), nothing I can say about that other than if people aren't interested in this, perhaps they should stop complaining about Joe Morgan et al. I, for one, didn't know BP was doing this.

Feb 18, 2010 7:32 PM on June 3-9
Comment rating: 2

First, great thread, with incredibly thoughtful posts. Thank you all. It shows that beyond the great work by the BP staff itself, the other subscribers here make the site worthwhile. Lots of different subjects raised here, but let me make one suggestion. One issue that's been raised is frustration at network broadcasts. How about BP declare a game of the week? It will be nationally broadcast, perhaps an ESPN game, and there would be two (or three) BP staffers online, posting real-time commentary and play-by-play. Turn the volume down on the tube and rely on BP for the commentary, whether in a blog, or by audio. Possibly, BP could do it by Internet audio, and it could be accompanied by real-time Q/A, comments, etc., by listeners on-line. Also, I agree about updating the glossary and the need for well-written introductory materials to help the casual fan grow and appreciate the work at BP. Again, kudos to everyone, and especially Will for getting this started.

Feb 18, 2010 7:00 PM on June 3-9