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Comment rating: -3

Sanchez's VORP is that for a #4 starter. Bumgarner's is for that of a #5 starter. Obviously having a pitcher put up those type of numbers in the 5 hole is more valuable.

Jan 29, 2010 12:29 PM on November 14-23
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"Schilling is also one of the approved "clean" players of his era. The process for gaining this label is largely inscrutable, but factors include quotability, skin tone, and affability." How is skin tone a factor in being considered a "clean" player? Wouldn't guys like Frank Thomas, Jr. Griffey and Tony Gwynn all be considered "clean" players also? While guys like McGwire and Giambi certainly wouldn't. Not sure just how big a factor "skin tone" really is. I know the media hammered Bonds far more than they should have and to some extent race certainly played into that. But when it comes to the hall for most its pretty simple. If you tested positive for steroids or were linked to them, at the current time you will have a tough go of getting into the hall. Atleast for the HOF, I don't think race plays into it.

Mar 24, 2009 11:41 AM on Curt Schilling Bows Out
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Try driving from South bound on 880 through Hayward and Union City on any weeknight at around 6PM, then say the traffic effect would be minimal. The traffic is beyond bad right now and would be MUCH worse with a baseball game starting at 7PM, which is when the majority of games are played. Clearly this stadium is seeming more and more like a pipedream. The A\'s best option may be that the Raiders lease is up in 2010. If for some reason the Raiders move or Al Davis dies, the current site may once again be a very viable option. It certainly would be much cheaper, especially if they just considered a renovation on the current facility.

Nov 21, 2008 3:52 PM on Our Picks at the Break