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Those lists at the top of the article are interesting in that Jim Thome appears on both surrounded by Babe Ruth & a bunch of suspected/confirmed steroid guys. Obviously, no major-leaguer is above some casual suspicion given the events of the last few years--but Thome's got to rank up there with Griffey & Jeter on the list of top-players-least-likely-to-be-juiced, at least based on his reputation on & off the field even if his style of play & results are similar to some of the could-be-juiced guys. If one were to make the admittedly premature assumption that Sosa/Bonds/McGwire were juiced (none of them, of course, are admitted intentional users) & that Thome was not, it may be that in a non-steroid world, Thome would now be viewed as one of the three or four of most prodigious power hitters ever. As it is, he's just kind of lost in the shuffle of players from the era...

Aug 06, 2009 6:14 PM on Power on Contact
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One minor correction to the data: The 2008 VORP for #29, CC Sabathia, is listed at 51.9. It was, in fact, something like 77.4. I believe the 51.9 is merely the VORP he compiled in his 1/2 season with the Brewers and does not include his 1/2 season with the Indians. CC was not merely an excellent pitcher in '08 as the listed VORP would suggest, but the best pitcher in baseball.

May 28, 2009 7:23 AM on What Would It Mean?