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It's not impossible. The "sweet spot" on a catcher's mitt is big enough to fit almost two entire baseballs - I'm not talking about catching it on the absolute heel of the glove or at the complete end of the web, but vaiances within the sweet spot of one to three inches. See Brian Downing's quote on Bob Boone: "He (Boone) catches a lot of balls on the edge of his glove so he has his glove looking like a strike all the way. He's not really moving that much. He catches the ball in the web of his glove and makes it look like a better pitch." http://goo.gl/X6YN4 [shortened url - ed]

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Another framing technique that should be investigated: catching the ball in a different part of the glove. For example, assuming a right handed batter, if a catcher can catch a borderline outside pitch in the webbing of his glove, the pitch appears closer to the strikezone. If it's inside, he wants to catch it near the heel of his glove. The research from this article might explain why Bob Boone stuck around so long.