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Comment rating: 3

Crazy Face category joke had me laughing for hours.

Nov 25, 2009 5:06 PM on Firemen
Comment rating: 0

This whole moral outrage over steroids is so ridiculous. The amount of coverage and hand-ringing over steroids is crazy. Our media and leaders are so able to manipulate us, or believe they can do so, that they distract us from real issues by riling us up because professional ball players are using PED. Our outrage and concern should be a little less parochial. In the worst case scenario 2,000-5,000 people used a drug that hurt no one but themselves, and everyday that same number of people are starving in the world, or abused by someone, or left to fend for themselves when they are sick, mentally ill or dying. Pick your cause, whatever it is, but this is just not that important.

Comment rating: -1

Who cares? This is the worst version of non-news there is aside from the "stupid starlett wrecks expensive sports car" stories. Another player that we all knew was taking steroids was revealed as taking steroids, so what? Who does this outrage? Who does this affect? He is not even playing. Peter Gammons looked so bored with the story on ESPN, because, probably, he too is tired of these stories. They should have a piece where the reporter says the exact same thing every time but the name is omitted and then they can go back and dub in the name when a new person is revealed.

Comment rating: -2

I am shocked at how softhearted the BBWAA has been with guys like Kirby Puckett, and then so harsh with the clearly non-cheating McGuire. It\'s like they are irrational parents trying to punish children in a ham-handed way. That is also an apt description for Congress as well.