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Joe, the specifics of that Kalas game were real doozies ... a 10 inning nightcap of a rain-necessitated and further rain delayed doubleheader (Game 2 didn't start until close to 1:30 AM local time), won on an RBI single by, per Harry the K's call, "MIT-CHIE POO WILLIAMS!" That game really summed up the wild ride that was 1993 in Philadelphia, and that Kalas call has been broadcast over and over again on local channels the last couple of days more than just about any other, save the 2008 Series-closer.

Apr 15, 2009 10:41 AM on Losses
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Feb. 11 and Dec. 15, you can get some exhibition games in against May 4: C-Eddie Perez (564 G, 77 OPS+), Frank Bruggy (259 G, 77 OPS+) 1B-Vic Saier (865 G, 120 OPS+) 2B-Miguel Cairo (1200 G, 75 OPS+) 3B-Ken Oberkfell (1602 G, 97 OPS+) SS-Matt Tolbert (41 G, 94 OPS+) LF-Jack Tobin (1619 G, 109 OPS+), Zip Collins (281 G, 84 OPS+), Milt Galatzer (251 G, 75 OPS+) CF-Jason Michaels (734 G, 96 OPS+) RF-Ben Grieve (976 G, 113 OPS+) DH-Rick Leach (799 G, 94 OPS+) SP-John Malarkey (59 GS, 96 ERA+) John Tsitouris (84 GS, 88 ERA+) Kevin Slowey (38 GS, 98 ERA+) Manny Aybar (28 GS, 86 ERA+) RP-Joe Borowski (454.3 IP, 103 ERA+) Mgr-Rene Lachemann The remaining bullpen and bench positions would have to be filled by guys with cups of coffees, often during wartime.

Jan 07, 2009 1:16 PM on July 30, 2001