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KG: If Miguel Sano -- or a comparable player with Sano's skill set -- was in this draft, whereabouts would he have gone? Just looking ahead to the international signings, and wondering what Sano is like.

Jun 17, 2009 11:37 AM on AL Draft Wrap
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1. Went to a Red Sox game with my dad in 1998, an interleague game against the Phillies. Fenway was sold out (no surprise) and we didn't have tickets, but we were able to land a couple of standing-room ones. We made our way around the park early, got a hot dog and hung out looking for open seats. We decided to camp out in the boxes behind home plate (I haven't been to Fenway since the '04 W.S., but I assume they're tighter about letting people wander down there than they used to be). Luckily for us, nobody came to sit in them. We were four or five rows back, just to the right of the plate. The best part, though, was the pitching matchup. Curt Schilling vs. Tim Wakefield. We got to see one guy throwing 95-MPH and another fluttering knuckleballs from the best seats in the house. I'll never forget that. 2) My guilty pleasure used to be Dontrelle, but now it just makes me sad to watch him... Pablo Sandoval is a total guilty pleasure for me. I love how he just loads up and fires away - slo-pitch softball style - to try and crush every ball. I suppose Hideo Nomo might be the other. I'm a sucker for cool pitching wind-ups. Maybe Paul Byrd because of the full, two-arm wind-up, too.

Jun 12, 2009 10:29 AM on More Revenue