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(Average Team 2007 ESPN: 303.8563)

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Team Name2007 ESPN
696.zydjoeLen's Sakata299
523.ztracyTalent Vacuum336
1062.ZTigerXTiger's Pussies222
261.zirmiteNeifi's All-Stars394
192.zgeemsTerrence Long Tribute412
644.zenmasterHoosier Daddy310
913.zcwhartonSilver Spring Sux254
679.zankstaThe Fighting Howlands302
1196.zandmanTeam Four of Fish177
818.ZamBR1985Good In A Big Spot275
1175.zaggggMission Improbable186
142.zacharijThe Intangibles427
622.zach063063Chuck Knoblach's Arm316
545.yourrolemodel80So Taguchi Handbags332
683.youppiUnstoppable Youppi!s301
1153.yorke790Men Who Bring Knives to the Gun Fight194
1146.yoop44Ed Rooney's Office196
84.YatchisinHeir to the Throneberries458
979.yanksRusCasey's Bums240
1087.YankeesSuck0213Uglier than an Aborigine215
611.yagmasterteam georce318
1213.Yaco35Yaco's Yankees170
106.y2joelichoAwash With Malaise443
1306.xc1427mental masturbators55
1093.xbhaskarxPut a Milo on Him!213
528.Wyrm22Brookland Dodgers335

31 - 60 >> 

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