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Team owner: emb0111
Rank: 383 (of 819)

Change Position Player Popularity 2013 ESPN 2014 ESPN
Change PlayerCatcherJ.P. Arencibia2376022
Change PlayerFirst BaseYonder Alonso57231
Change PlayerSecond BaseDarwin Barney2628026
Change PlayerThird BaseMike Moustakas1853219
Change PlayerShortstopAlcides Escobar25810011
Change PlayerLeft FieldEric Young3274123
Change PlayerCenter FieldB.J. Upton3437039
Change PlayerRight FieldLogan Morrison45222
Change PlayerPitcher 1Wade Davis1166-42
Change PlayerPitcher 2Carlos Carrasco845-5


(Average Team 2014 ESPN: 136.2735)

Owner Team Name 2014 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.smelmothPianosa Bombadeers343 98192
2.emc51893The Giambinos330 52221
3.housekeysHousekeys Team308 32610
4.Josh SklarThe Thin Stiff Line307 40210
5.CronfordoxYuniesky's The Limit305 63456
6.bossfan101Yuni For Life296 83358
7.nellokz train284 45280
8.Team Chemistry282 74236
9.datpuffeyThe Spectacular Minimals275 87120
9.jfmogulsHollywood Extras275 61195
815.Rieper Madness-69 -14-166
816.jriddellTeam Suck-74 704610
817.hvaughnGetz Down-82 -7207
818.nneusnerKinich Ahaus-86 -26-18-5
819.Rexdog22Rexdogs-630 -82-70


(Average Player 2014 ESPN: -1.7866)

Name Position Popularity 2014 ESPN
1.Colby LewisP075
2.Edwin JacksonP4873
3.Ricky NolascoP1671
4.Everth CabreraSS258
5.Zack CozartSS6855
6.Justin MastersonP054
7.Jedd Gyorko2B451
8.Juan NicasioP3650
8.Clay BuchholzP150
8.Eric StultsP250
910.Felix HernandezP0-99
911.Paul Goldschmidt1B0-108
912.Andrew McCutchenCF0-111
913.Troy TulowitzkiSS1-120
914.Mike TroutCF1-121

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