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Team owner: dukeandduke
Rank: 191 (of 344)

Position Player Popularity 2016 ESPN 2017 ESPN
CatcherOmar Narvaez19614
First BaseEric Thames24---62
Second BaseDanny Espinosa713357
Third BaseEduardo Nunez8-112
ShortstopAdeiny Hechavarria1238014
Left FieldColby Rasmus2841-20
Center FieldBilly Hamilton723540
Right FieldAvisail Garcia4521-43
Pitcher 1Jered Weaver1065146
Pitcher 2James Shields9210013


(Average Team 2017 ESPN: 77.6860)

Owner Team Name 2017 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.DCW3The Tampa Bay Christ Punchers307 69-12-3
2.lobophylliaLumpenproletariats299 5785
3.coninefanBotes Boats285 23-18-2
4.JSokesSokol Brothers Furniture281 388
5.freddybaseballOutside the Park Home Run280 74198
6.Ken FunckFast, Cheap and Otter Control279 22-261
7.tximistalizalegendary276 -245
8.madison28Gaggers266 2542
9.BillWWClubhouse Guys265 12-36
10.smiffRented Mules258 6-170
340.boatman44Aethelflead of Mercia-152 -341-9
341.pauls121Govenor Walker's Disaster-153 -361011
342.alexjlimDouble Play-156 23-10-8
343.catcrazy247Can It Really Go Worse Than Last Year?-162 -59-24-5
344.kgavin15Trump's All Stars-228 -59-1-5


(Average Player 2017 ESPN: -1.9444)

Name Position Popularity 2016 ESPN 2017 ESPN
1.Bartolo ColonP1-4989
2.Ubaldo JimenezP595982
3.Kevin GausmanP0-3568
4.Amir GarrettP163
5.Alcides EscobarSS826662
5.Tom KoehlerP4862
7.Kyle GibsonP94361
8.Tyler GlasnowP0059
9.Matt MooreP0-757
9.Danny Espinosa2B713357
953.Paul Goldschmidt1B0-113-110
954.Charlie BlackmonCF0-124-112
955.Joey Votto1B0-166-119
956.Bryce HarperRF0-47-130
957.Aaron JudgeRF912-135

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