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Team owner: paochs
Rank: 258 (of 819)

Change Position Player Popularity 2013 ESPN 2014 ESPN
Change PlayerCatcherJ.P. Arencibia2366027
Change PlayerFirst BaseYonder Alonso5729
Change PlayerSecond BaseBrian Roberts11319
Change PlayerThird BaseBrett Lawrie121-2
Change PlayerShortstopZack Cozart683074
Change PlayerLeft FieldRobbie Grossman79420
Change PlayerCenter FieldBilly Hamilton154-429
Change PlayerRight FieldJosh Reddick6312-1
Change PlayerPitcher 1Brandon McCarthy3308
Change PlayerPitcher 2Trevor Cahill15651


(Average Team 2014 ESPN: 178.8938)

Owner Team Name 2014 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.emc51893The Giambinos463 8597
2.Josh SklarThe Thin Stiff Line453 90269
3.smelmothPianosa Bombadeers449 74811
4.ElAngeloThe Grand Swipes414 1394923
5.craigburleyMaxim St. Pierre and the Miquelons399 82346
6.jfmogulsHollywood Extras389 81327
7.Team Chemistry388 6003
8.bossfan101Yuni For Life383 6374
8.CronfordoxYuniesky's The Limit383 76177
10.Pat Cooper Fan Club360 85207
815.mdsimmonsAIT-75 -54-4-5
816.Quaker1771Brandeis Judges-85 -8-1010
817.bryanah33@fyalkowski-148 -297-2
818.tannergKevin Towers All-Gritty-Gutty Grinders-168 -8029
819.Rexdog22Rexdogs-819 -144-48-2


(Average Player 2014 ESPN: -2.4762)

Name Position Popularity 2014 ESPN
1.Edwin JacksonP48103
2.Justin MastersonP089
3.Ricky NolascoP1683
4.Jacob TurnerP480
5.Zack CozartSS6874
6.Jose MolinaC10171
7.Derek JeterSS2069
7.John DanksP1269
9.Franklin MoralesP1468
9.Clay BuchholzP168
941.Clayton KershawP0-133
942.Victor Martinez1B0-148
943.Giancarlo StantonRF1-150
944.Mike TroutCF1-153
945.Jose Abreu1B0-156

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