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Team owner: paochs
Rank: 135 (of 819)

Change Position Player Popularity 2013 ESPN 2014 ESPN
Change PlayerCatcherJ.P. Arencibia2376020
Change PlayerFirst BaseYonder Alonso57231
Change PlayerSecond BaseBrian Roberts11317
Change PlayerThird BaseBrett Lawrie121-1
Change PlayerShortstopZack Cozart683055
Change PlayerLeft FieldRobbie Grossman79419
Change PlayerCenter FieldBilly Hamilton154-4-4
Change PlayerRight FieldJosh Reddick63126
Change PlayerPitcher 1Brandon McCarthy33027
Change PlayerPitcher 2Trevor Cahill15631


(Average Team 2014 ESPN: 133.3150)

Owner Team Name 2014 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.smelmothPianosa Bombadeers341 989-1
2.emc51893The Giambinos329 59223
3.Josh SklarThe Thin Stiff Line308 43207
4.CronfordoxYuniesky's The Limit300 66459
5.housekeysHousekeys Team299 29-23
6.bossfan101Yuni For Life289 75301
7.nellokz train283 55321
8.Team Chemistry277 70151
9.datpuffeyThe Spectacular Minimals276 82219
10.roone0Venial Rosin272 56124
815.Rieper Madness-73 -12-155
816.nneusnerKinich Ahaus-82 -8-21-4
817.jriddellTeam Suck-83 60274
818.hvaughnGetz Down-89 -16228
819.Rexdog22Rexdogs-632 -82-132


(Average Player 2014 ESPN: -1.7585)

Name Position Popularity 2014 ESPN
1.Colby LewisP075
2.Edwin JacksonP4873
3.Ricky NolascoP1671
4.Everth CabreraSS258
5.Zack CozartSS6855
6.Justin MastersonP054
7.Jedd Gyorko2B451
8.Juan NicasioP3650
8.Clay BuchholzP150
8.Jacob TurnerP450
908.Giancarlo StantonRF1-100
909.Paul Goldschmidt1B0-111
910.Andrew McCutchenCF0-112
911.Troy TulowitzkiSS1-120
912.Mike TroutCF1-123

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