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Team owner: Timothy Mennel
Rank: 105 (of 819)

Change Position Player Popularity 2013 ESPN 2014 ESPN
Change PlayerCatcherA.J. Pierzynski24-432
Change PlayerFirst BaseYonder Alonso5729
Change PlayerSecond BaseEric Sogard131249
Change PlayerThird BaseMike Moustakas1853241
Change PlayerShortstopEverth Cabrera2-1056
Change PlayerLeft FieldChristian Yelich5-14-33
Change PlayerCenter FieldPeter Bourjos17121
Change PlayerRight FieldWill Venable11-4245
Change PlayerPitcher 1Lucas Harrell18010223
Change PlayerPitcher 2Kyle Kendrick155150


(Average Team 2014 ESPN: 181.1917)

Owner Team Name 2014 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.smelmothPianosa Bombadeers487 600
2.emc51893The Giambinos476 500
3.Josh SklarThe Thin Stiff Line457 -300
4.ElAngeloThe Grand Swipes440 2600
5.CronfordoxYuniesky's The Limit426 2200
6.jfmogulsHollywood Extras421 900
7.Pat Cooper Fan Club412 3100
8.mindreadRotohelp411 3300
9.NailfanGoblins405 1800
10.bossfan101Yuni For Life399 900
815.Quaker1771Brandeis Judges-104 -1600
816.jriddellTeam Suck-113 -1700
817.bryanah33@fyalkowski-182 -3100
818.tannergKevin Towers All-Gritty-Gutty Grinders-189 -2300
819.Rexdog22Rexdogs-862 -1700


(Average Player 2014 ESPN: -2.5713)

Name Position Popularity 2014 ESPN
1.Edwin JacksonP48116
2.Jacob TurnerP486
2.Justin MastersonP086
4.Clay BuchholzP184
5.Kevin CorreiaP9481
6.Ricky NolascoP1680
7.Zack CozartSS6879
8.Matt Dominguez3B18678
9.Jackie BradleyCF177
10.Colby LewisP075
941.Giancarlo StantonRF1-150
942.Jose Abreu1B0-155
942.Andrew McCutchenCF0-155
944.Mike TroutCF1-158
945.Victor Martinez1B0-167

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