Murray Chass, in observance of Festivus, Dave Pease has ordered you a copy of the popular baseball annual Baseball Prospectus 2012. The reason the book isn't in your hands right now is because it's so up-to-date and timely it's not even done being written yet!

You read that right. Dave Pease knows how much you like baseball, and has acted accordingly--by procuring you the annual so fully current not even its very authors themselves can be sure what news and analysis it will contain.

Alas, this cutting-edge analysis of all the latest developments comes at a price. You'll have to wait a few weeks for your gift to actually arrive. Baseball Prospectus 2012 is scheduled to ship on or about February 28, 2012. Here's what it will look like:

We hope this pre-order of Baseball Prospectus 2012 helps to make your Festivus most enjoyable.


Dave Pease (and the whole Baseball Prospectus team)