Welcome, friends, to the most exciting week of the Scoresheet summer calendar! Yes, even after Christopher Crawford has recovered from his draft-induced PTSD, and the remains of Studio 42 have been mothballed in Secaucus’s most beautiful closet for another year, Scoresheet owners remain in the grip of draft fever. Round 40 is when most top draft picks are selected, and teams who have been out of it for most or all of the year have one brief moment of joy before going back to figuring out where to set the hook on Jerome Williams.

To celebrate this merry occasion, the Outcomes have replaced their regular mock draft podcast with a Round 40 Preview Special. To accompany the special, we’re sharing our Round 40 Scoresheet draft rankings for each league. Before we get to a giant list of names perfect for The Internet to weigh in on and disagree with, we offer a couple of quick caveats.

First, a responsible Scoresheet owner keeps in mind the talent already on the board before drafting a Rule 4 draft selection in round 40. As many have mentioned, this is a relatively weak draft class, but even strong draft classes break down before the end of the first round. Not all of the players listed here should even be rostered in standard leagues. Furthermore, in many leagues, there are still rookies available who are as good or better than all but the very best draft picks.

Also, you may notice that we aren’t providing commentary alongside our picks. That’s because we make no claims to expertise, and we encourage you to check out Chris Crawford’s list and commentary to find insight on these players. Our goal is mainly to take received wisdom from here and elsewhere, make a few assumptions about talent, and then translate it into a Scoresheet context. In addition, podcast listeners can hear BP Fantasy editor Bret Sayre’s list alongside our own, and, well—we know where we would put our money. Anyway, although scouting directors and other draft talent continue to get better at their job, the draft is still enough of a crapshoot that we wouldn’t be willing to overrule a principled stand that you’re taking towards a player. With that, on to the lists!

American League

1. Alex Bregman, Astros, SS, Overall pick #2

2. Andrew Benintendi, Red Sox, OF, Overall pick #7

3. Brady Aiken, Indians, LHP, Overall pick #17

4. Dillon Tate, Rangers, RHP, Overall pick #4

5. Kyle Tucker, Astros, OF, Overall pick #5

6. Daz Cameron, Astros, OF, Overall pick #37

7. Carson Fulmer, White Sox, RHP, Overall pick #8

8. Garrett Whitley, Rays, OF, Overall pick #13

9. Tyler Jay, Twins, LHP, Overall pick #6

10. Chris Betts, Rays, C, Overall pick #52

11. James Kaprielian, Yankees, RHP, Overall pick #16

12. Richie Martin, Athletics, SS, Overall pick #20

13. Jon Harris, Blue Jays, RHP, Overall pick #29

14. Austin Rei, Red Sox, C, Overall pick #81

15. D.J. Stewart, Orioles, OF, Overall pick #25

National League

1. Brendan Rodgers, Rockies, SS, Overall pick #3

2. Dansby Swanson, Diamondbacks, SS, Overall pick #1

3. Ian Happ, Cubs, OF, Overall pick #9

4. Nick Plummer, Cardinals, OF, Overall pick #23

5. Trent Clark, Brewers, OF, Overall pick #15

6. Cornelius Randolph, Phillies, SS, Overall pick #10

7. Kevin Newman, Pirates, SS, Overall pick #19

8. Walker Buehler, Dodgers, RHP, Overall pick #24

9. Tyler Stephenson, Reds, C, Overall pick #11

10. Donnie Dewees, Cubs, OF, Overall pick #47

11. Kolby Allard, Braves, LHP, Overall pick #14

12. Kyle Funkhouser, Dodgers, RHP, Overall pick #35

13. Mitchell Hansen, Dodgers, OF, Overall pick #67

14. Scott Kingery, Phillies, 2B, Overall pick #48

15. Lucas Herbert, Braves, C, Overall pick #54

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