We have been hard at work on redesigning aspects of Baseball Prospectus, from the content to the way we present it to you, and I'm happy to announce one of these items is now available for your use.

Remember the old Fantasy page for, where you had a listing of the offerings (such as the Fantasy Focus column) as well as links to the Depth Charts and the Player Forecast Manager? That has been combined with the Fantasy Beat blog to give fantasy subscribers a one-stop shop for all of their content and fantasy tool needs. When you now visit, you will be greeted by 12 blog entries, which will be much easier than navigating through all of the various blogs on the front page. On the right sidebar, the archives go even further back (notice that, right now, the 12 articles displayed go back to April 9, but the sidebar goes back to March 30).

You will see links to our exclusive fantasy content on the sidebar as well, such as the aforementioned Depth Charts, the PFM, our weighted mean PECOTA spreadsheet, HACKING MASS, the PECOTA cards–it's all there for you alongside the content. Beneath that you will also notice that you can organize by blog, column, author, or article type. If all you want to see is the work of, say, Craig Brown, then you will have that option at your disposal. If you want to head off to read Tommy Bennett after finishing with your morning dose of fantasy coverage, you don't even have to leave this landing page.

So please, bookmark the new landing page for fantasy content (or utilize our brand new RSS feeds for the blogs!) and let us know what you think.