Here's a quick roundup of PECOTA news for the week:

  • Clay has posted the 3/19 depth chart/PFM update.  The 3/16 update was accompanied by a tour of the first half of the major leagues through spring training; if you missed it, please have a read.  We got enough positive feedback that we wanted to make sure the second half was seen by as many people as possible, and since the blogs system is still a work in progress its going to run as a full article.  It'll be published soon.
  • The PECOTA beta hitter cards have had another build which is undergoing review by our newly formed beta test squad.  We're hoping to release them in their final form this weekend.
  • We are hoping to have a build of the PECOTA pitcher cards released to the beta testers this weekend as well–we're finishing them up right now.  Fun fact: we're going to end up with full cards on nearly 6000 players this year.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.