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August 13, 2014

1:00 PM EST : BP chat

Tucker Blair

BP Chat moderated by Tucker Blair. Click here to view transcript.

3:15 PM CST : WLQR 106.5 FM (Toledo, OH)

Jay Jaffe

Jay Jaffe talks baseball with Norm Wamer on "The Front Row," Wednesday at 3:15 pm CT/4:15 ET. Streaming via their website at http://www.1065theticket.com as well

Location: WLQR 106.5 FM (Toledo, OH)

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Jeff Moore-BP chat

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Jay Jaffe-WLQR 106.5 FM (Toledo, OH)

Cespedes Family BBQ-BP chat

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Craig Goldstein-BP chat

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Tucker Blair-BP chat

Jay Jaffe-WLQR 106.5 FM (Toledo, OH)

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CJ Wittmann-BP chat

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Jay Jaffe-WLQR 106.5 FM (Toledo, OH)

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Mike Gianella-BP chat

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Jay Jaffe-WLQR 106.5 FM (Toledo, OH)

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R.J. Anderson-BP chat

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