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The last round of competition puts our final three on the spot with everything at stake, and all three gave us something special.

Ladies and gentlemen of the judging pool and everyone else besides, we hope you had a great weekend. It's Monday-one day later than we normally meet, but we had some extra work to do to get things squared up for our competition this week. As always, I'm Dave Pease, and this is the Prospectus Idol finale.

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This time around, the remaining quartet gives voice to their observations and analysis.

Happy Sunday, and if you're reading this from the USA, we hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. Actually, no matter where you're reading from, we hope you had a great Fourth! This is Prospectus Idol, I'm Dave Pease, and I hope you saw all the fireworks you wanted to yesterday.

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Our five remaining contestants only had a few hours to write their entries for this week.

Good day to you-it's a beautiful one here in Southern California-and welcome to another episode of Prospectus Idol. I'm Dave Pease, and I want to thank you for reading.

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We're putting more in the hands of our six remaining contestants, as they pick their topic from baseball history this week.

Hello, and welcome to another exciting week of Prospectus Idol, where we pit a gaggle of promising contestants against each other in a quest to find our next feature writer here at Baseball Prospectus. I'm Dave Pease, and-say, have you lost weight? You're looking great this week!

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The seven contestants pick a player to profile and take their shot at a BP staple.

Happy Sunday, everyone, I hope yours is going great. I'm Dave Pease, and this is Prospectus Idol.

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The remaining eight contestants have a look at baseball beyond or below the major leagues.

It's the third week of Prospectus Idol, and we're ready to rock. I'm Dave Pease, and I always enjoy our time together.

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Taking a spin in the fantasy realm, our nine contestants take their shot at providing fantasy players with takeaways for their own leagues.

Welcome to another week of the internet's most popular ripoff of the 800-pound gorilla of live-action talent contests-Prospectus Idol. Tortured metaphors aside, it's been seven days since we saw the last of our dashing pool of contestants' content, so let's dive right in.

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In our opening week of the competition, our contestants are getting back to basics.

It's finally here. The process that started over a month ago is now ready for your input. Our hard-working judges turned their critical eyes on hundreds of entries to winnow the field to ten worthy finalists. The finalists' play-in entries have been published, giving everyone a glimpse of what they can do. Now we've got the voting code, the front-page widget, and the display firmed up, and hopefully it doesn't break.

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The 10 contestants in the contest, and the one who has to depart having only just gotten here.

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