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BP snoozes on Monday, 12/26.


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Meet the new editors.

Since 2005, the Baseball Prospectus annual has been like my third child. I have spent more time with it  than I have with my actual children, but it has been time well spent—the annual is the heir to the Bill James books that activated my love for the game as a teenager, and I’ve tried my best to live up to that standard, to make it a book you could read as well as use as a reference, to laugh with and learn from. During my term as editor, mostly in tandem with the great Christina Kahrl, the book grew in depth and complexity and achieved bestseller status. I am so proud to have done right by the legacy that the founders entrusted to me.

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The latest new feature at BP.

It has been a year of great change and experimentation at Baseball Prospectus, and we’re not done yet. This week we will be unveiling several new features that we hope will increase your enjoyment of our content and statistics.

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We're taking the day off


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Patriotic fervor compels a brief intermission.

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On the future of Transaction Analysis.

I spent most of Friday on the set of The View, wired up in Joy Behar’s audio gear and desperately trying (and mostly failing) to correctly answer trivia questions about last season’s game action for a live quiz show being beamed back to Japan. It was a strange experience, one made all the more surreal when one of my overseas hosts made a fat joke about me. After that, I wasn’t much in the mood to think about what happened to Dexter Fowler in the fourth inning of a game last April, and my performance suffered accordingly. My day ended with co-panelist Alan Schwarz observing (good-naturedly, I think) that I sucked, so it was a good day for my ego.

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