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With the playoffs coming, tracking the chances each team has to win becomes a daily sport, aided by the Baseball Prospectus Playoff Odds feature.

Playoff odds are based on three things:

1. Playing time estimates for each player for the rest of the season (as found in the Depth Charts).

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The tool for tracking the current top prospects, reviewing prospects from past seasons, and following your team tracker teams across all levels.

With the minor-league seasons winding down, many are turning their attention more and more to prospects—both those who are likely to get called up and those who are still a ways away. Prospect Tracker was announced early in 2012, and some new features were added last season to make it even more powerful.

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The Pitch f/x Matchup Tool brings the fantastic Brooks Baseball data to bear on a batter-v-pitcher matchup. See what happened with each pitch between any pair of opponents!

Lucas Duda sat out today with a "Hammy" strain today, that injury only a batter with Duda's extreme platoon bias can suffer; that is, of course, the strain suffered when contemplating facing tough lefty Cole Hamels. Okay, so it's not a perfect example because "Hammy" has a great changeup and shuts down righties as well. But Duda is hitting just .153/.242/.220 against Southpaws this season, and his career line is also far far worse than his "vs RHP" line.

In reading this news, it's easy to wonder exactly how Duda has faired against Hamels in his career. And the Pitch f/x Matchup Tool provides all the answers. To get started, simply pick the pitcher and batter in question from the pulldown menus:

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A picture is worth a thousand words - see how teams stack up by position at a glance with Visual Depth Charts!

There are two products at BP that use the name "Depth Charts." Here's a quick explanation of the differences, and a reminder that one of them is Visual Depth Charts (complete with Visual Year-to-Date stats).

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How to get all of our preseason player projections in one place.

Note: this piece was originally published on July 11, 2013.

Welcome back to another installment of Feature Focus! I’m your host, Richard Kiley. (We spared no expense.) This week, I want to talk to you about the PECOTA Weighted Means Spreadsheet.

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The Sortable Statistics feature offers some powerful data-mining features unavailable elsewhere.

The Sortable Statistics at Baseball Prospectus offer the ability to dig up data on players and teams as introduced in articles on the site and in books over the years. Most of this data is available for all the years for which it's possible to compute it, which can be delved into by selecting custom reports that mine the various databases. The easiest way to get introduced to the reports is via the "stock" options, each of which is available via a link when clicking "Statistics" on the navbar at the top of the page:

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The Team Audit page has many facts you need to know about a team, all in one convenient location!

One of the oldest offerings at Baseball Prospectus is the Team Audit, handily available from the home page by selecting a team and clicking "Audit Team." Doing so for the top team in the list (organized alphabetically), it's immediately apparent that this page is chock full of a wide variety of information:

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Depth Charts are the first glimpse many get of PECOTA projections, but they offer much more information.

Fantasy players are used to looking at depth charts and seeing the players who are most likely to stand on the field in the following game for a given team. At Baseball Prospectus, the depth charts have long meant something more—a representation of expert opinions on who will play for each team at each position for the remainder of the season. While this doesn't help fantasy hyperactivity so much—for that, we offer the MLBDepthCharts section of the site—it provides the mechanism to best determine how a team will do the rest of the way (or all season long, when viewed before the season starts). On that note, the starting Depth Charts page is actually a listing of projected team performance by division, as predicted by PECOTA forecasts for the various players.

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The Hit List Factor and Adjusted Hit List Factor explained.

This is the city, Baseball Prospectus, The Internet. I work here. I carry a spreadsheet. My partner’s Bill Gannon. My name’s Wyers. We were working out of Feature Focus when we got a call about a Daily Hit List.

Let’s look at the navigational options first:

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See the latest transactions, and filter all transactions in recent years by any number of criteria.

On the surface, the Baseball Prospectus Transactions Browser appears to be just another list of transactions—which, while useful, you could find in plenty of other places. But the Transactions Browser is much more than that. Here's the default page:

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More tricks available using the most sophisticated stat-tracking tool available on the web.

On our ongoing guided tour of features and utilities available at Baseball Prospectus, we'll pick up where we left off in our Team Tracker walkthrough last week, with my NL-Only Yahoo roster having been quickly and easily entered into Team Tracker. Notice that the default display statistics are interesting, but perhaps not exactly what's needed for a given purpose—such as my Yahoo league, which uses Runs, RBI, SB, OBP, and SLG (instead of batting average and HR, giving two rate stats for batting, as there are for pitching). To see these different categories, simply click on "Change Display Statistics" while viewing a stats report (there are different stats displayed—separately selectable—for projections). This brings up a page where various stats can be selected or deselected for either batters or pitchers:

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A walkthrough of all the info available on BP's player cards.

It’s time for another episode of Feature Focus! Now this is the last time we’re doing the home game… I know, I know.

Oh, wait, that’s the episode of Press Your Luck where TV game shows were broken forever. Instead, we’re going to talk about the BP player cards. A key note is that I’m showing off the full cards, including subscriber-only features, so if you don’t see all of these things, you may want to get yourself a subscription.

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