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Take a fantastic voyage through the inner workings of our exclusive Team Injury Projection reports... if you dare!

Throughout the past week, Corey Dawkins and Marc Normandin have been using the Comprehensive Health Index [of] Pitchers [and] Players [with] Evaluative Result, otherwise known as CHIPPER, to break down the expected health of teams. If you've missed any installments and want to page back through them, you can visit the Team Injury Projection homepage by clicking here. We've heard your questions about what CHIPPER means, where the projections came from, and how they differ from what others provide, and it's time for us to answer them.

Let's take the last one first. What makes CHIPPER different from the other injury projections out there? First off, our injury database contains not only major league injuries from the past eight years, but also minor league, spring training, and winter league data. We're even starting to collect injury data from colleges. All told, we have over 400,000 player days missed to injury in the database. Secondly, CHIPPER does more than just project whether a player is going to miss time: it also tries to provide a ballpark figure for how much time a player is going to miss.

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