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October 17, 2013

BP Announcements

Introducing the Baseball Prospectus Merchandise Store

by Jason Parks

It is my privilege to announce the long-awaited launch of the official Baseball Prospectus merchandise store, an online repository of BP-related products. The initial product launch, in recognition of our hash-tag lunatic fringe, offers shirts in all 30 team colors, in which you can select your choice of #want, #rig, #sparkle, #wet, and #slack to wear across your chest—a telling descriptor of a personal approach to life or your particular team’s current standing.

While the store is currently limited to the aforementioned hash-tag merchandise, the available options will significantly expand over time, as Baseball Prospectus plans to add a multitude of offerings, including site-branded shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and even bobbleheads of your favorite Baseball Prospectus writers. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on a Ben Lindbergh bobblehead. It will complete me.

This store would not be have been created without the guidance and execution provided by our merchandising and product adviser Adam Silverman and our partners at District Lines, and it goes without saying that without our readers, none of this would be remotely possible in the first place. This action has been in the works for several months, and it brings me great satisfaction to finally pull back the curtain on this product. For only $18.99, you can now display your #want (or #slack) for the world to see, and this is a reality that should frighten all of us.

Visit the Baseball Prospectus merchandise store here.

Jason Parks is an author of Baseball Prospectus. 
Click here to see Jason's other articles. You can contact Jason by clicking here

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Nice. New BP logo?

Also, if there needs to be a URL instead of just Baseball Prospectus, in the future I'd vote to see the www dropped for a cleaner look.

Oct 16, 2013 13:32 PM
rating: 5

I regret not saying that having shirts in all 30 team colors is outstanding.

Oct 16, 2013 13:35 PM
rating: 2


Oct 16, 2013 13:33 PM
rating: -1

I like that the "st louis" #wet is totally different than the "red sox" #wet.

Oct 16, 2013 13:45 PM
rating: 6
BP staff member Jason Parks
BP staff

This might be my all-time favorite comment on the site.

Oct 16, 2013 13:49 PM
BP staff member Jason Collette
BP staff

I hope it arrives before my trip to the AFL on 10/31. Will definitely wear it to the games I go to on 11/1

Oct 16, 2013 14:01 PM

I want to buy a Tampa Bay shirt because it's the same colors as my college's baseball team. Is there anything on the shirt that says it's the Rays, or is it just the colors that imply it? #want

Oct 16, 2013 14:24 PM
rating: -1
Andrew Martinez

I'm holding out for a #bathnight shirt.

Oct 16, 2013 14:40 PM
rating: 4

Where's the picture of you wearing one? #slack.

Oct 16, 2013 15:06 PM
rating: 2

#mup shirt?

Oct 16, 2013 15:42 PM
rating: 2

Whoa...! Where is the #rig boxers/briefs option. I need something to offset my #slack undercarriage.

Oct 16, 2013 22:05 PM
rating: 6


Oct 16, 2013 22:11 PM
rating: 0
Albert Flexcellence

I know you guys don't set this, but $17.29 shipping for 3 shirts is out of control. I only ordered 2 ($9.55 shipping) because of the insane bump on shipping when going from 2 shirts to 3. #slack

That said, these are awesome. Thank you for making these available. #want

Oct 17, 2013 07:44 AM
rating: 3
BP staff member Jason Parks
BP staff

Apologies. We will look into that. $17.29 for shipping is extreme.

Oct 17, 2013 07:58 AM
Kevin Brown

The day that a Mort bobblehead can grace my desk is the day I can do work happy.

Oct 17, 2013 15:38 PM
rating: 1

Are there any plans for a #BathNight shirt? I would definitely buy one of those. It is #BathNight 3 or 4 days a week in this house.

Oct 17, 2013 18:47 PM
rating: -1

Can we include ex-BP writer bobbles? Cause I would pay good money for a Kahrl bobble!

Oct 18, 2013 13:38 PM
rating: 0

Just out of curiosity... since the team names aren't listed alphabetically, what's the rationale behind the order in which they are listed? Is there some method behind the madness?

Oct 19, 2013 16:16 PM
rating: 0

I really wish I understood what these shirts meant... Can someone please explain this to a guy who's usually the last to get a joke anyway? ;)

Oct 19, 2013 21:18 PM
rating: 8

The shirts make reference to concepts discussed frequently in the prospect coverage here at BP, and even more frequently on BP's Fringe Average podcast. Each can be defined succinctly but can only be fully understood through deep meditation, preferably undertaken while bathing (as during a ritual Bath Night--a secular holiday invented by Yahoo! personage Jeff Passan) and watching a GIF of Yu Darvish throwing all five of his pitches simultaneously. As a primer:

* "Want" refers to a prospect's desire to do what is necessary to reach the show. It was covered most extensively on the Up and In podcast. In those prospects having the most want, the want is said to be almost visible, as an aura.

* "Rig" refers to a prospect's comportment, attitude, and execution when faced with a competitive challenge. The term is anatomical in origin and bears both a metaphorical and a conceptual relationship to "balls" and the "ballsy." Strictly speaking, however, rig encompasses more penis.

* "Sparkle" cannot be defined. Just as we know that the wind exists, although we cannot see it, so do we know that sparkle exists because we see its traces. The most successful attempts at a proof of the existence of sparkle focus on Tom Selleck's mustache and Adrian Beltre's noggin.

* "Wet" refers metaphorically to the scout's state after witnessing a particularly appealing prospect. As with "rig," the reference is sexual. I live in my parents' basement and cannot speak from personal experience, but I believe it has something to do with vaginas.

* "Slack" describes the devil-may-care attitude that ... fuck it, I'm done with this definition.

Oct 21, 2013 14:51 PM
rating: 9
Bob Stocking

Thanks for cluing in us non-heavy Twitter users!

Nov 14, 2013 17:59 PM
rating: 0
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#lame #BPlosingitsway #baddirection

Oct 20, 2013 12:16 PM
rating: -6
BP staff member Jason Parks
BP staff

BP is losing its way because we are offering merchandise that has been extremely well-received so far that you either don't understand or don't care about (which is fine), yet you still felt the need to comment on the subject anyway? Gotcha.

Oct 20, 2013 14:52 PM

How do you know that commenter doesn't "get it" and disapproves anyway? I was under the impression for many years that positive AND negative feedback were both welcomed by the authors here. If that's no longer the case, maybe we ought to know about it.

Oct 21, 2013 19:40 PM
rating: 0

Solid analysis is why I've always come to BP but since KG moved on I'm finding that it's lacking, Jason. Your sophomoric humour, as a replacement, is grating. Take it for what it's worth...just one customer's feedback.

Oct 20, 2013 15:24 PM
rating: -2

I can understand if you disapprove of Jason's style, however, pretending the analysis is lacking seems sophomoric to me.

Oct 21, 2013 12:49 PM
rating: 1

KG has passed on to another verse. You may converse with his spirit on Twitter: Kevin_Goldstein. Otto now manages the handle/account. He can tell you which Astro hit a home run today.

Oct 21, 2013 18:07 PM
rating: 0
Andy McG

Damn fine t-shirts. They show ample #rig and #sparkle and the subtle differences between some of the colour schemes to get 30 different teams up there shows serious #want.

Anyone know what a 40 chest is in "chest width" measurements?


Oct 21, 2013 04:25 AM
rating: 0

You should order a medium shirt if you like a neat fit, and a large if you prefer it looser or need overflow space for your rig.

Oct 21, 2013 15:17 PM
rating: 0

I am lost on this too. But then again, it took me two years to figure out who Master Shake was.

Oct 21, 2013 14:47 PM
rating: 1
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