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February 21, 2011

BP Unfiltered

Depth Charts and PFM Open

by Colin Wyers

[UPDATE 2-21, 12:26 AM]

Hi Folks,

We have created an official updates page for the PFM and have filled requests for the raw data downloadable in CSV and TAB formats. There were also a few other minor updates that you'll see on that updates page.


Ben Murphy


[UPDATE 2-17, 6:43 PM]

We did some tinkering under the hood of the PFM between setting it live and right now, based on comments from you, the reader. 

  • Fixed the bug in inflation that kept the system from remembering dollar values and didn't let users release players back into the pool. 
  • Changed positions and scoring categories to a form instead of plain text after initial output.
  • The Show/Hide feature set now remembers which sections you want to show and hide. 
  • There are now "Update" buttons in every section.
  • Inflation tooltips have been added to the output section. 

We've still got some things we're going to be adding--for one, we'll be adding my (meaning Marc's) rankings to the PFM as an optional column, so you can refer to the tiers I ranked players in just like you would refer to auction dollar values. Leave questions, concerns or ideas in the comments.

There seems to be some concern that the projections in the PFM are based on 2010 data--that is not the case.  You can see at the top of this page, in the biographical section for Hanley Ramirez, that his 2011 projection is present. That's the same projection you will find here on the Marlins' depth chart page and in the PFM, were you to look for Mr. Ramirez.

That being said, the 2010 projections are still present on the player cards, in the PECOTA section towards the middle of the page. That data is not anywhere near the PFM though. The PFM is fed by the depth charts, so I hope your fears have been allayed.



I'll skip the flowery stuff and just tell you what you came here for:


(As a note - the PFM and Depth Charts are only available to subscribers.)

Colin Wyers is an author of Baseball Prospectus. 
Click here to see Colin's other articles. You can contact Colin by clicking here

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