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April 27, 2010

BP Unfiltered

Matusz on the Media

by David Laurila

Brian Matusz is media savvy. The well-spoken Orioles lefthander has plenty of experience with the fourth estate, having garnered more than his fair share of attention as a first-round pick and one of the game’s top pitching prospects. Matusz, who has logged the only two wins by a Baltimore starter so far this season, talked about his relationship with the media on Sunday, at Fenway Park.

On the Baltimore media: “I think the media here in Baltimore is great. I have a good relationship with everyone, for the most part, and I try to make myself available as much as possible. The media is a big part of the game. That’s what allows us to reach out to the fans and let them know our perspectives. Overall, I think the media in Baltimore does a great job of covering us.”

On if the team receives media training: “They do a little bit. They had the rookie-development program. I was unable to attend it this past year, but I know a couple of guys that went and really enjoyed it and took a lot of things from it. As a team, the Orioles have segments where they talk to us and give us advice on how to handle it and how to go about it.”

On media attention before the big leagues: “I got a lot of attention in the minors. Being a first-round draft pick, there was a lot of coverage on myself, but going to school in San Diego, coach Hill -- Rich Hill, the head coach there -- did a good job of trying to train us and prepare us for the media in college and for our careers as we progressed. I’ve had a lot of help in that aspect. I was also a communications major, so I’ve learned a lot. Basically, I took a lot of classes on the other side -- what it would be like to be a part of the media. Now I’m being interviewed by them, so I’m taking advantage of a lot of stuff I learned there.”

On predictability: “A lot of questions coming out of the game are ones you pretty much know they’re going to ask. I try to be as thorough as possible so that I can cover as many questions as I think they might ask. Every once in awhile you’ll get caught off guard with difficult questions that you wouldn’t really expect, but it’s just important to handle yourself appropriately and say the right things.”

On if there are questions he wishes he were asked: “I don’t think so, because if there’s any point I want to get out there, I’ll just go out and say it. If the question isn’t asked, I’ll just say how I’m feeling. Sometimes I don’t directly answer a question. I might go off on my own tangent on explaining things I want to get out.”

On if some questions are impossible to answer without clichés: “Sure. Cliches are part of the game. You always put your team first and always talk positively about your teammates and coaches, and everyone. So yeah, it’s kind of hard not to give clichéd answers, because a lot of times that’s how we feel.”

On knowing the media: “First of all, they have their credentials, and everything, so you recognize who the media are. And once you get to know a guy, you know what they [write]. You get to know certain reporters’ personalities; you get to know them on a personal level. Like I said, in Baltimore, everyone is great. They’re around all the time and they treat us well. They’re good to us. We‘re very fortunate to have good reporters, and good media, here in Baltimore.”

On media in other cities: “Every place is different. You’ll get new reporters dropping in, like yourself today, from different media outlets. It’s always important to reach out and talk to them. You should always try to give them some of your time.”

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