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October 4, 1999

The Week in Quotes

September 27-October 3

by Dennis Cleary


``We're building a lot of character right now. Let's hope it's character we can use in the playoffs.''
-- Orel Hershiser, Mets pitcher

``We just didn't need the added frustration of playing a game like this with these umpires. The season is over within a week, so we don't have to deal with this anymore. I have to think it's not proper to have guys with no experience umpiring these games.''

-- Bobby Valentine, Mets manager

``We were in dire straits, on the brink of elimination. There were still possibilities, but they weren't good. It just goes to show that talent always rises. One more day like this and we're in.''

-- Al Leiter, Mets pitcher

``Maybe this is good. We've had the pressure of them pushing, pushing. Now the pressure is off because we're not in the lead any more. Let them see how it feels to be pushed. There's still time.''

-- Larry Dierker, Astros manager, on losing the NL Central lead to the Reds

``Last year we were favored to win it all but San Diego got us. We just want to get into the playoffs. Getting there is the secret.''

-- Bill Spiers, Astros infielder

``You couldn't have scripted it any better. We're going into the last weekend of the season with the postseason on the line.''

-- Sean Casey, Reds infielder

``This shows the Red Sox can put a contender out there year in and year out, even though we lost one of our most recognizable players.''

-- Dan Duquette, Red Sox GM


``This is only the beginning. We have a long way to go, some important games to win.''
-- Orlando Hernandez, Yankees pitcher

``None of this means anything if you don't win in the playoffs. Winning the World Series, that is my only goal.''

-- Manny Ramirez, Indians outfielder

``I want a ring. I've got plenty of division titles. I don't have enough rings.''

-- Greg Maddux, Braves pitcher


``Tonight we say goodbye. But we will not forget. Open your eyes, take a look around, and take a mental picture. Moments like this will live on.''
-- Ernie Harwell, former Tigers announcer

``Tiger Stadium is life, as far as I'm concerned.''

-- Willie Horton, former Tigers player

``What's funny is how little I thought of this stadium when I first saw it. I came from Southern California, and we were used to big, new stadiums, big parking lots, and I drove by here and the cab driver said, `That's Tiger Stadium,' and I said, `Where? That thing? It looks like a fortress!' ''

-- Alan Trammell, former Tigers player

``It's something I'm never going to forget. It's something nobody here is ever going to forget.''

-- Robert Fick, Tigers catcher, on hitting a grand slam in the game


``I won't miss it, but I will miss the memories.''
-- Bobby Bonds, former Giants player

``Am I sad? No. I'm not playing anymore. I miss baseball, not ballparks.''

-- Willie Mays, former Giants player

``When the weather was good, Candlestick was great. They should have started games at 10:30 in the morning every day. It would have been perfect.''

-- Ron Santo, former player

``When opponents came to The Stick, they didn't take infield practice. They took pop-ups.''

-- Bill Rigney, former Giants announcer

``This is not a sad day for the Giants. Yes, we are leaving our home, but we are going to a new one, and I promise you it will be the best ballpark in this country.''

-- Peter Magowan, Giants owner

``It was great to be out here today, seeing all those players who gave me sleepless nights. I love this place, but the new park is going to be great.''

-- Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers vice president

``For the record, I never was blown off the mound in that All-Star Game.''

-- Stu Miller, former Giants player


``It's nice to see a guy throw that hard that's my age. He's got a good arm. It's nice to see guys that go to tryout camps get a chance to play.''
-- Jim Fregosi, Blue Jays manager, on 37-year-old rookie pitcher Jim Morris

``Skip made a big deal about it; we all made a big deal about it. No one wanted to lose 100 games and I'm glad it's out of the way.''

-- Cliff Floyd, Marlins outfielder

``I'd love to stay here and play here because the people are very nice to me in the streets. I don't mind playing here. I hope we stay here for a long time.''

-- Vladimir Guerrero, Expos outfielder

``We can't measure up as home run hitters, but we have some productive hitters. We're getting men on base, getting deep in the count and we know what to do with it.''

-- Joe Torre, Yankees manager

``Whoever wins this home run title, we're both over 60 home runs. So nobody loses, right?''

-- Mark McGwire, Cardinals infielder

``It took arm surgery for me to learn how to pitch. I had more strength because I learned how to pitch. I learned how to throw real hard without muscling it up. Last year playing for Jim Leyland, he taught me a lot.''

-- Matt Mantei, Diamondbacks pitcher

``He's the MVP right now. Look at what the guy has done down the stretch. That carries more weight than the first three months of the season.''

-- Greg Maddux, Braves pitcher, on Chipper Jones

``I'm not a spectacular player. I'm not a flashy player. I don't do dances. I don't wear fancy sunglasses or fancy ear rings. But one thing you can depend on is that I'll be out there playing first base and that I'll be getting a lot of hits.''

-- Mark Grace, Cubs infielder

``John is the kind of veteran player we want to help us bring a championship team to Tampa Bay. He is a smart player, a solid individual both on and off the field.''

-- Chuck LaMar, Devil Rays GM, on signing John Flaherty to a 3-year extension

``I'm not concerned about an offer. I'm concerned about the face of the organization and where it's going to be. I want to see the direction of the organization.''

-- Alex Rodriguez, Mariners infielder, on contract negotiations

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