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August 14, 2014

Feature Focus

Prospect Tracker

by Rob McQuown

With the minor-league seasons winding down, many are turning their attention more and more to prospects—both those who are likely to get called up and those who are still a ways away. Prospect Tracker was announced early in 2012, and some new features were added last season to make it even more powerful.

First, how to find this feature? Simply pull down the Prospects menu from the main navigation bar, and select "Prospect Tracker", as such:

A popular next step is to click on the "Top 101 Prospects" link, which shows 2014 stats (by default—the stats year can be changed) for all these top 101 luminaries:

The screenshots above are taken from the 2014 top 101 prospect lists. If you go to the Prospect Tracker page, you'll see leaders (across all levels) in various stats (below are shown the 2013 leaders, but both the top 101 season and the year of stats to display can be selected using the menus):

Also available are each team's top 10 list from 2014 (and all previous years). These are pre-season rankings, so Sano's Tommy John surgery isn't taken into account:

Features Introduced in 2013

Further, for those with teams in dynasty league formats (or who just like following a set group of players), Team Tracker teams are now available. Just select them from the dropdown menu when logged in:

The clean-up hitter of Prospect Tracker features, though, has to be the ability to look at any season's stats for any group of prospects. Simply select the year of prospect rankings in one menu, and then the year of stats in the other menu:

That's a quick walkthrough of Prospect Tracker, which really could be called "Prospect Tracker and Team Tracker for Minor-League Stats." Whatever alias it takes, readers have made it popular. If you haven't been aware of it until now, we hope you'll check it out and incorporate it into your regular BP routine. You can access Prospect Tracker through this link and through the dropdown menu accessible by mousing over the "Prospects" navbar button at the top of any BP page.

Rob McQuown is an author of Baseball Prospectus. 
Click here to see Rob's other articles. You can contact Rob by clicking here

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