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August 28, 1998

BP Polling: Power Rankings

Another look at baseball's winners and losers

by Baseball Prospectus

Basically for little more than grins, we polled ourselves to see who we thought ranked where in various categories: the top ten teams in MLB, the three most disappointing teams, MVPs, Cy Young Awards, Rookies of the Year, Managers of the Year, and the paramount Least Valuable Player of the Year. You'll find links to each of our ballots below, but here are the tallies, with first-place votes in each category in parenthesis...

Top Ten Teams
1. New York Yankees (6)
2. Atlanta Braves
3. Houston Astros
4. San Diego Padres
5. Boston Red Sox
6t. Cleveland Indians
6t. New York Mets
8. Chicago Cubs
9. Anaheim Angels
10. Baltimore Orioles
If there's a surprise here, its that the Orioles slipped in ahead of the Rangers.

Top Three Turkeys
1. Seattle Mariners (3)
2t. Toronto Blue Jays (1)
2t. Los Angeles Dodgers (1)
2t. Cleveland Indians
This time around, the Marlins, Reds, White Sox, and Tigers also recieved votes. The Orioles didn't.

NL Most Valuable Player
1. Mark McGwire, Cardinals (5)
2. Chipper Jones, Braves
3. Craig Biggio, Astros
Where's that extra first place vote? Greg Maddux has friends...

AL Most Valuable Player
1. Bernie Williams, Yankees (2)
2. Alex Rodriguez, Mariners (2)
3. Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners (2)
The first-place votes were spread evenly among the three, but this is more than a little surprising.

NL Cy Young
1. Greg Maddux, Braves (6)
2. Kevin Brown, Padres
3. Tom Glavine, Braves

AL Cy Young
1. Pedro Martinez, Red Sox (6)
2. Roger Clemens, Blue Jays
3. Kenny Rogers, Athletics

NL Rookie of the Year
1. Kerry Wood, Cubs (6)
2. Travis Lee, Diamondbacks
3. Steve Woodard, Brewers

AL Rookie of the Year
1. Ben Grieve, Athletics (3)
2. Rolando Arrojo, Devil Rays (2)
3. Orlando Hernandez, Yankees

NL Manager of the Year
1. Larry Dierker, Astros (5)
2. Bobby Cox, Braves
3. Bobby Valentine, Mets

AL Manager of the Year
1. Joe Torre, Yankees (4)
2. Jimy Williams, Red Sox (1)
3. Terry Collins, Angels

NL Least Valuable Player
a six-way tie

AL Least Valuable Player
1. Jaime Navarro, White Sox (2)
You just can't keep a pitcher this bad from getting his accolades.

Individual Ballots
Chris Kahrl
Dave Pease
Steven Rubio
Joe Sheehan
Greg Spira
Michael Wolverton

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